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Edward Bellamy Research Papers

Edward Bellamy research papers look at the sociological theories of the economist and his ideas on social reform. Paper Masters will custom write any type of research on Bellamy that you need for any college level course.

An Edward Bellamy research paper shows that his novel Looking Backward is evidence of Bellamy’s persistence for social reform.  Unfortunately, the United States was embarking on the Gilded Age and the industrial giants had views firmly rooted in the capitalist movement.  In Bellamy’s favor though, was the numbers of the general population.  These were the masses in favor of economic equality.

Edward Bellamy

Bellamy and the American Democratic Revolution

Bellamy also promoted his own version of the American democratic revolution.  His interpretation was the belief that the economy could be a direct extension of the democratic process.  This however, is not true democracy since it eliminates certain liberties and liberty is the basis of the democratic system.  Without liberty there is the breakdown of a humane society.

Bellamy’s ultimate proposal was to create a democratic economy.  There were several problems with this:

  • Unfortunately his understanding of such a proposition was too limited to comprehend the complexity of such an undertaking.
  • He possessed too much naiveté to realize people could accomplish the joint management of human and physical capital in a democratic way.

Bellamy and the Labor Market

Bellamy and the reformers’ understanding of their current situation were all too well at least in the matter of the labor market.  The people of his time that took on his cause were the gross population of the progressive era.  Whether or not their beliefs were too lofty to come to fruition is another matter.  Bellamy and his followers recognized some need for a higher authority to exercise power over the general public to ensure an order consistent with the common good.  He believed however, that the majority of people would be willing to cooperate in order to bring about a better social order. 

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