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Research Papers on the Educational Process

The education process provides students with knowledge and reinforces that knowledge through a variety of exercises. After exercises reinforce learning, teachers clarify and review provided materials to correct any mistakes. Teachers can then use tests to verify that the content has been learned successfully. Learn more in a custom written research paper from Paper Masters.

The educational process consists of four elements:

  1. Providing information
  2. Reinforcing skills
  3. Reviewing material
  4. Verifying mastery

There many different ways to conduct these stages of the process. Educational ProcessProviding information, for instance, can occur through lectures, reading materials, or performing experiments. Exercises designed to reinforce skills usually rely on student involvement, but there are innumerable options. Students might write about what essays about what they have learned, give class presentations, or apply academic information to real-world problems. Teachers can review materials with students by grading assignments, providing feedback, or participating in discussions. Testing can also include a variety of options, including written tests, oral exams, and performance evaluations.

While the educational process is often seen as a classroom philosophy, it also has applications in workforce development and other types of training. In America we value individual freedom. We believe that everyone is entitled to an education. Globally, we are becoming more diverse, more aware of our diversity and more, one would hope, accepting of the differences that make us, as human beings, unique. We are also reaching an age in which universal norms change much more rapidly than ever before. It is difficult, under these circumstances, to support an essentialist philosophy of education, particularly in America. Existentialism, which at its essence supports the differentiation of education, has been shown in research to work as an alternative.

Differentiation of education works for all children. Both special education and gifted education research supports differentiation of curriculum in order to allow a wide range of students, with learning differences and preferences, to succeed in the same classroom. Differentiation, with its focus on preassessment of skills, interests and learning styles, allow for more effective implementation of learning initiatives, allows education to be made more meaningful and more effective in outcomes. Differentiation improves education for all students, celebrating the diversity and principals that as a country and a global community we purport to honor. Research therefore supports existentialism as a foundation philosophy in education. 

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