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Teaching Hearing Impaired Students

Teaching Hearing Impaired Students

This is a topic suggestion on Teaching Hearing Impaired Students from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Teaching hearing impaired students can present many challenges in the classroom. Luckily, researchers have developed numerous strategies that can help teachers and students accomplish their goals.

Teaching hearing impaired students often involves using specially designed tools that enhance the student's experience. For instance, teachers might use computer programs to help young students learn how to read, use sign language, and communicate with hearing-abled persons.

Teaching Hearing Impaired VS Average Student

Hearing impaired students might also require closer attention than other students. Teachers, therefore, should provide one-on-one instruction to ensure that the student fully understands. This can help avoid obstacles that would make it more difficult for the student to develop important skills and complete assignments.

According to the United Federal of Teachers, teaching hearing impaired students might also involve showing them how to navigate in a world where they often feel different. Developing self-confidence is often an important step that helps young and adult students learn that they can accomplish their goals by concentrating hard, following through, and finding alternative methods to those that hearing-abled people typically rely on. This not only helps students prepare for future educational experiences and jobs, but also teaches them how to live fulfilling lives regardless of any disabilities and perceived differences.

Helping Hearing Impaired Students

Students can have hearing impairment for several reasons. Some students were born with a permanent hearing impairment, while others develop them as they grow, or lose their ability to hear as an effect of a trauma. Some students may have a temporary hearing impairment. These students may be suffering from ear infections and colds. Both permanent and temporary hearing loss can effect a child's language development, especially among younger children. Teachers should be equipped to adapt instruction to help any child in their class who is hearing impaired.

There are many strategies that a teacher can use to help hearing impaired students. Many of these strategies do not require teachers to have any extra training, or purchase any extra equipment. Some of the easiest strategies include:

  • Priority seating for a hearing impaired child
  • Stating the child's name before speaking to him or her
  • Eye contract during communication
  • The use of a microphone or sound system
  • Computer terminal for speech to text aide

Priority seating allows the child to be close to the teacher. They may even sit beside a peer who can help them if needed. When a teacher begins a directive toward a hearing impaired child with his or her name, it signals their attention. It is always important for a teacher to maintain eye contact during communication with a hearing impaired child and use gestures. Sometimes mustaches on male teachers can also be a hindrance. Male teachers may need to keep their facial hair well groomed to allow hearing-impaired students to read lips more easily.

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Teaching Hearing Impaired Students Research Papers

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