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Should Schools Embrace Computers and Technology

Should Schools Embrace Computers and Technology

In the paper Should Schools Embrace Computers and Technology Research Paper you will turn in a Pro and Con paper based on an issue discussed in the Taking Sides text. You will examine both sides of the issue and come to a conclusion and a practical application of that conclusion in a classroom.

The papers will:

  1. Follow APA format
  2. Be at least 3 -5 pages long
  3. Not counting the reference page. The number of sources will vary
  4. But in general 10-15 references will be needed to support your positions and assumptions in this paper.

The following sections must be included in Should Schools Embrace Computers and Technology Research Paper:


In this section you will name the issue and discuss why it is important to your practice that you study it and come to a conclusion. Begin by defining the issue as used in the literature. There are many parts to each issue. Make sure it is clear exactly what the issue is. In doing this you will refer to the texts and other sources to define the issue. In text citations to the texts of the course and other sources must be used in defining the issue.

You must justify and explain its importance as a part of your philosophy of education. Use practical examples from the classroom you have or will have to demonstrate its importance. Synthesize these examples with references from the literature.

Pro & Con:

This is the Literature Review Section:

In these two separate sections of your paper, you will examine each side of the issue. You will build a case for the issue in the one section then build a case against the issue in the second section. Both of these sections must make extensive use of research beyond the texts of the course. Taking Sides provides numerous links and leads. Use the data bases online. You should also quote from your colleagues' post in the discussion forums for the appropriate lesson... In both sections you will be an unbiased reporter with the aim of examining both sides of the issue.


This is a theoretical and practical conclusion creating a guide for you to abide by as you teach. Make a clear statement of conclusion so that there is no doubt what your stance is. You may choose to incorporate parts of both sides depending on the issue. Be specific in how your conclusion will enhance the learning or well being of students in your charge. Use examples from the literature that you feel support your conclusion in light of your specific situation or philosophy.

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Should Schools Embrace Computers and Technology Research Papers

Should Schools Embrace Computers and Technology Research Papers explore an example of an order laces for a pro and con research paper.

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