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Multiple Intelligences In Education

Multiple Intelligences in Education

Multiple intelligences in education research papers begin with the history of multiple intelligences when, in 1983, James Gardner published a book entitled, Frames of Mind in which he presented his theory of multiple intelligences. Arguing that teaching through multiple intelligences reinforced the "cross-cultural perspective of human cognition" Gardner believed that people were capable of tapping into seven different "language" to facilitate learning.

Because each intelligence has its own developmental sequence, it may appear at different time in different individuals. Despite the fact that teaching through multiple intelligences can afford educators the opportunity to reach each individual student, the curriculum dilemma that this paradigm poses can often be overwhelming for teachers and administrators alike. As multiple intelligence, teaching through multiple intelligences involves expanding the curriculum and: "Many teachers find it daunting to create lessons that incorporate all seven areas". Other problems with this method center around the appropriateness of assessment. Teachers utilizing this paradigm are often at a loss when it comes to assessing students fairly. Although teaching through multiple intelligences does pose some small inherent problems, its popularity in the United States continues to grow.

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Multiple Intelligences In Education Research Papers

A Multiple Intelligences in Education research paper overviews James Gardner's theory as it relates to classroom teaching.

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