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Intrapersonal Intelligence

Intrapersonal Intelligence

One of Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences, intrapersonal intelligence involves one's ability to self-reflect and have an introspective understanding of the self. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on intrapersonal intelligence that follows your guidelines.

Introspection is the ability whereby the individual can observe one's own mental processes. People strong in intrapersonal intelligence are said to have to following characteristics:

  1. Enjoy analysis of the self
  2. Can weigh their own strengths and weaknesses
  3. Introspective
  4. Introverted

Gardner and Intrapersonal Intelligence

Howard Gardner first developed the theory of multiple intelligences in the 1980s, according to Intrapersonal intelligence was first described as strength in self-awareness. These people are thought to be attracted to such careers in science and writing, as individuals who understand their own motivations and emotions.

Intrapersonal intelligence is thought to characterize introverts, people who frequently prefer to work alone and seek understanding in the world around them. In an educational setting, intrapersonal intelligence is marked by the desire and strength of independent study. Such individuals make personalized decisions from their highly developed sense of self.

Intrapersonal Intelligence and Social Situations

In social situations, intrapersonal intelligence may be characterized as shyness, but individuals with this strength are thought to be immune from many of the affects of peer pressure, as self-understanding leads to certain levels of determination.

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Intrapersonal Intelligence Research Papers

Intrapersonal Intelligence research papers examine a part of Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory that involves one's ability to self reflect.

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