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Holistic Learning

Holistic Learning

Holistic learning research papers focus on what it means to approach learning and curriculum from a holistic, mind-centered approach. Paper Masters specializes in academic writing for education majors and will custom write any research on holistic learning that you need done.

Increasingly, the length of the average workday gets longer, vacations get shorter, and the amount of free time for today's busy executives is rapidly fleeting. And while many people would argue that such a lifestyle and work environment is just a requirement of today's fast-paced global economic community, one could just as easily argue that such a lifestyle does not begin in the executive boardroom, but instead begins much earlier in life. Just as businesses put pressure on their employees to succeed, more than ever, parents, teachers, schools, and communities place pressure on students to succeed so that success later in life is assured. However, even children's time is limited and as a result, time that used to be spent on play and fitness have now been replaced with other activities. Thus, children have less exposure to fitness and recreation and as they grow older, these habits are not built into their lives. As a result, when today's students reach adulthood, they are just added to the high-stress, work ethic discussed above and instead of having mechanisms to cope with such lifestyles, these adults find that they have difficulty handling these lifestyles because they lack habits that would relieve daily stress. As a result, one could argue that health, fitness, and recreation should be essential parts of any curriculum for all students from pre-school through college in order to assure that once these students reach adulthood and begin working in today's high-stress world, they will be able to effectively cope with the day-to-day stress that they will encounter.

Holistic learning is centered on the idea that learning should be based on wholeness or interconnectedness.

  • Essentially, a holistic curriculum focuses on a vast array of topics that reflect the student as a whole person made up of body, mind, spirit, and emotions.
  • This differs from a traditional curriculum that typically stresses primarily one facet of a person: mind.
  • The holistic curriculum then would require that the child development of the body would receive equal attention as development of the mind (as well as spiritual and emotional development).
  • A holistic learning curriculum would have core components that would stress the importance of health, fitness, and recreation.

In this manner, children would learn from an early age that these components are vital parts of an individual and that they should be pursued throughout life instead of the current systems, which tends to treat such material as at best a minor part of the curriculum and therefore a minor part of life itself.

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Holistic Learning Research Papers

Holistic Learning Research Papers look at the curriculum that would apply to this learning. Paper Masters specializes in academic writing for education majors and will custom write any research on holistic learning that you need done.

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