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Brainbased Learning

Brain-Based Learning

Research papers on brain-based learning from our writers at Paper Masters can focus on any of the basic approaches to this type of learning. We custom write all education and psychology research papers so you can dictate exactly what approach you want to learn about in your individualized project from us.

Advances in neuroscience research offer new insights into how the brain functions and how children learn and have prompted the development of new approaches to teaching and learning. Brain-based learning and the teaching methods to support can be found in four primary categories.

  1. Right Brain/Left Brain Approaches
  2. Early Brain Development
  3. Development of Multiple Intelligences
  4. Brain-Based Teaching Approaches

The first and most prominent is right brain-left brain approaches followed by approaches that emphasize early brain development, approaches designed to develop multiple intelligences and brain-based teaching approaches. Although the concept of brain-based learning has been applied most frequently to the improvement of learning outcomes for special education students, it has also gained recognition for its relevance to single-sex education.

Brain-Based Learning and Education

Some teachers are using the finding that the brain functions differently in boys and girls to advocate the development of single-sex classrooms. The premise is that boys and girls learn differently and therefore should be educated in separate classrooms where teaching methods and curriculum are suited to their respective learning styles. It is important to note that not all experts embrace the notion that brain-based teaching methods affect improved learning outcomes. In fact, some experts argue that the neuroscience research being used to advance brain-based learning today actually supports many of the traditional methods of teaching - methods that have already demonstrated their efficacy in affecting improved learning outcomes.

Research on Brain-Based Learning

Recent studies in neurophysiology indicate that the brain learns by organizing similar information, but there is insufficient research in methods to apply this to education. It is hypothesized that children who are taught "brain-based" learning receive higher TAAS test scores. Current literature advocates the adoption of brain-based teaching methods based on the data acquired in biological research, but does not generally present the findings of empirical research in a controlled setting. While not discounting the method, the lack of data merely suggests that further research is necessary in order to evaluate the practical relevance of the biological data, and should be narrowly focused with a traditional methodology.

Brain-based learning involves the orchestration the dynamic range of curricular tools and building blocks that assist a child in learning to come together to provide the optimum learning elements and atmosphere possible. The core of brain-based learning rests in nurturing the development of neural network connections that foster learning. The seminal research of Gerald Edelman into the learning patterns of the brain indicates that categorization is the critical element in learning. His work stimulated further research into brain physiology, which has now provided a very clear model of how the brain acquires and sorts information. The biological research has stimulated theorizing as to its application to education and some attempts at application of theories, which has become known as "brain-based learning." However, while this theory has shown great potential, there is a general lack of research employing standard methodology to determine the efficacy of applying the theory of brain-based learning to practical educational situations.

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Brainbased Learning Research Papers

Brain-based learning research papers discuss the teaching methods to support can be found in four primary categories. Research papers on brain-based learning from our writers at Paper Masters can focus on any of the basic approaches to this type of learning.

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