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Auditory Learning Style

Auditory Learning Style

Education research papers that examine various learning styles can be ordered from Paper Masters. The auditory learning style is one of the three primary learning styles that our education writers have overviewed and written research papers on.

When considering the various ways individuals learn, there are three primary learning styles to consider:

  1. Auditory
  2. Visual
  3. Kinesthetic intelligence

In the auditory learning style, individuals learn best when they are exposed to something they can listen to; whether it is a song, a piece of music, or a taped lecture, individuals that demonstrate the characteristics of the auditory learning style need to hear something to retain the information. Reading a book or acting out a scene does not help a person with this learning style; hearing a story read aloud or speaking characters' dialogues are much more effective means of instruction.

Auditory Learners

For teachers, appealing to students that excel with the auditory learning style can be quite simple. Providing students with taped copies of lectures or allowing them to download podcasts is one tactic that can make instruction more meaningful.

Children and Auditory Learning

Often, children that rely on the auditory learning style may appear as though they are staring off into space; if they are tasked with a reading assignment, for example, it is very easy for them to become bored or distracted. Teaching them how to read something aloud in their own head is one way to overcome this; allowing students to work in pairs where they can read to one another is a second example. Nearly any lesson can be adapted for students who rely on the auditory learning style, it is simply up to the instructor to make such alterations as necessary.

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Auditory Learning Style Research Papers

Auditory Learning Style research papers discuss how some students are more suited to learning by listening rather than seeing or acting out. Auditory learning styles is just one of the main learning styles discussed in any research paper on the three primary learning styles.

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