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Achievement Gap

Achievement Gap

On most days, the average person will go past a local school or hear a story about schools in the news. The institution of the school is one that is common among many societies, and it is one that every parent will have to be concerned with. Research papers on the achievement gap are available at Paper Masters with the most up to date statistics and information on how this affects the educational system and society. The following is an excellent outline to illustrate topics that should be included in any research on the achievement gap as a student progresses through the educational system:

  1. Introduction
  2. No Child Left Behind



    c.Moving lower performers

  3. Kindergarten



  4. Middle School

    a.Implicit Bias

    b.Suspension and Expulsion

    c.Misbehavior Perception

  5. High School
  6. a.Graduation Rates

  7. Higher Education

    a.Rates of Enrollment

    b.Obstacles and Disparities

  8. Conclusion

It will always be important to the parent that their child or children will be successful in school and that they do not get left behind in terms of academic and developmental success. However, there is a concern that it keeping people from achieving the same level of success, especially among people of minorities or of lower income families. This is called the achievement gap. This report will investigate what the achievement gap is, as well as the several different options that are being suggested to help alleviate this problem, and what can be done to help clear this problem. By understanding what can be done it can be easier to create a stronger education system for everyone.

The achievement gap is what is responsible for many disparities of success among students of different classes. The white, middle or high-class students will be more likely to succeed, while the students of lower class families or of different ethnicities will not be as successful. For instance, a 1999 report states that the average grade point average for black and Hispanic students are on average one full point lower than that of white and Asian students. Because whites are a majority in this country, there will not be as much attention to other groups. Also, studies show that it may be more difficult for instructors to handle certain groups. For instance, reports state that blacks exhibit more antisocial behavior than whites do. This is important, as it is creating a stigma that minorities may not have as much of a chance to succeed as the racial majority would.

Also, income is another concern. In a study involving ninth grade students, their grade point averages will be lower depending on income. A student who lives in a family that earns about $20,000 a year will have an average GPA of approximately 2.3, while one from a family that earns about $70,000 will have a GPA of 3.3 or higher. These two statistics suggest that there is a concern over people of different class levels and races and how they are not being as successful in school. The study about antisocial behavior can also be factored in to this concern, as students from low income families will be more like to have antisocial characteristics than others.

The concern over the achievement gap is one that should be paid close attention to. With the lack of success among non-whites and the poor, it is creating a problem that it is too difficult to help certain groups of students. While many schools have been integrated to feature all kinds of groups of people, there may still be a concern. Since the end of school segregation nearly fifty years ago, the number of white and black students who graduated from high school and attended college have both increased over the years. Scores in standardized tests such as the ACT or SAT have also increased among the two races. But even with this, there may still be a concern because in some areas there may not be as much integration. Also, with the rise in students from different minority groups, including Indian, Asian and Hispanic groups, there may be a concern that the achievement gap will continue because they may not have as much of an opportunity as the white or black students would. Therefore, it will be important to find a way to reform schools so that all students can have an equal opportunity to succeed.

One strategy that has been used to help reform education for minority and poor groups is to help create additional levels of social support in areas where there is little of that. This includes building libraries and community centers in poor neighborhoods. While many people have argued for the creation of these areas, some say that it may not be as successful. For instance, people have argued that while building places like libraries have been good ideas, these areas can be popular places for drug dealers to sell their products without suspicion. While this may be a concern, a library can still be used to help children find their interests and give them something to aim for in the future. For instance, a child could read about computers and may want to learn more about them, possibility leading to an interest that may lead to a career in the future.

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