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Subjects Philosophy of Education

Subjects Philosophy of Education

Subjects Philosophy of Education term papers take a vast amount of time to outline and write. Here is a suggestion on how Paper Masters lays out an assignment like that.

The objective of the Subjects Philosophy of Education Term Paper: Two subjects were selected, an educator and non-educator, and interviewed in order to compare and/or contrast the subjects' philosophy of education. Both subjects demonstrated Pragmatist philosophy of education.

Outline for Report on Subjects Philosophy of Education Term Paper:

I. Introduction and Background- meaning of qualitative research, case study, interviewing, interview schedule

II. The Setting at which the interview took place.

III. Procedure and Collection of Data

IV. Discussion of Findings: Compare how both subjects are Pragmatist. Use at least 3 examples from each of the subject's interview answers.

V. Summary and Conclusions

VII. References

Instructions for Subjects Philosophy of Education Term Paper:

  1. Prepare the paper in the form of a case study report in APA style considered qualitative research.
  2. Include in the discussion section of the paper, the school of philosophical thought that is apparent in the subjects' philosophy of education.
  3. give three specific examples.
  4. State evidence from readings in Ozmon and Cramer's book to support the claim .
  5. Support of discussion must be by giving proper citations and references. Under procedure, discuss the interview technique, and discuss how the study was conducted... I have supplied 2 resources in below notes. There needs to be 1 more.

Setting and procedure of interviews:

  1. Both occurred on campus
  2. In a classroom
  3. After 5pm
  4. Relaxed atmosphere
  5. Subjects were only given 15 minute notice Subjects did not want to be videotaped Interviews were tape recorded at the approval of subjects Subject 1 (the educator) was interviewed 20 minutes before Subject 2 (the non-educator) Used Semi-standardized Interview technique (See below for definition) Subjects were given the list if questions to look over 15 minutes before questioning Tape recording was transcribed into summarized notes of each answer given by subject


  1. More or less structured
  2. Questions may be recorded during the interview
  3. Wording of questions flexible
  4. Level of language may be adjusted
  5. Interviewer may answer questions and make clarifications
  6. Interviewer may add or delete probes to interview between subsequent subjects
  7. Note: I did use all of the above in my interviews

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Subjects Philosophy of Education Research Papers

Subjects Philosophy of Education Research Papers discuss an order placed on the interview of two subject and their views and philosophy of education.

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