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Illiteracy In The United States

Illiteracy in the United States

This is a Illiteracy in the United States suggestion on Illiteracy in the United States from Paper Masters. Use this Illiteracy in the United States or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

A 10 page graduate level research paper which explores the problem of illiteracy in the United States at the present time, the consequences of the problem, and how the problem may be solved by providing children in kindergarten through third grade with more books. The thesis should make the point that children may be provided with more books, both in school and in their home environment, if literacy program directors and English department chairs are made fully aware of the many grants which may be taken advantage of and if a neutral board of people help the programs and schools to determine which grants they are eligible for. Illiteracy in the United States Research Paper should include statistics and quotes about illiteracy and its effects from the year 2005 through the present day from credible sources. The paper should also include statistics and quotes about the positive effects of providing children books at an early age and how doing so fights illiteracy and, therefore, helps our country. These statistics and quotes should also be from the year 2005 through the present day and should be from credible sources.

Formatting for Citations for Illiteracy in the United States Research Paper:

  1. MLA format including in text citations and a works cited page.
  2. All sources must be credible and must be cited.
  3. Academic research must be used.
  4. No more than three (3) online sources may be used.
  5. Please provide copies of all sources used.

A sample first paragraph may look something like this:
Over 90 million American adults, nearly one out of two, are functionally illiterate, meaning that they do not possess the minimum skills required to function in a modern society. Facts such as this regarding literacy illustrate a devastating portrait of the social conditions which exist in America, the country generally portrayed as the most advanced in the world. Out of 191 million adults in the US, as many as 44 million cannot read a newspaper or fill out a job application; another 50 million are unable to read or comprehend above the eighth grade level. According to education experts it requires ninth grade competence to understand the instructions for an antidote on a bottle of corrosive kitchen lye, tenth grade competence to understand the instructions on a federal income tax return, and twelfth grade competence to read a life insurance form. Unfortunately, more than three fifths of the population is unable to read with the competence of a fifth grader. Steps to resolve this problem must be taken immediately. Educational improvements need to be made at the most basic level, in the country's grammar and elementary schools. For, it has been proven that supplying children between the ages of five and ten years of age with numerous books both in and outside of school lends itself to the overall quality of education children receive and increases the children's chances of functional literacy by nearly 35%. Unfortunately, many grade schools in the urban regions of America are not well supplied with information on grants which may provide them with additional funding so that they may properly equip children with such materials. A neutral board directed by charitable people may help to alleviate this problem by providing schools and literacy programs with information on various grants and analyzing their eligibility.

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