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Preschool Games

Pre-School Games

Below is a sample beginning to a research paper on pre-school games. Paper Masters will write a custom project that follows your guidelines.

Pre-School aged children need to opportunity to learn to play with other children. It is important for pre-school aged children to learn how to share and take turns with other children. It is also developmentally important for children to learn about rules and the importance of following the rules when playing games. Children in the pre-school age category are not able to comprehend and follow a large quantity or difficult rules. Pre-school games should include a limited number of simple rules. It is common for students to forget rules when returning to a game after time has elapsed. In these cases, pre-school children often create their own rules for the game that they expect other players to follow.

Games That Teach

Duck-Duck-Goose is a very popular pre-school game that has been played by generations of people. This game teaches students how to take turns, wait patiently, listen, and run.

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes is a rhythm game that requires children to place their hands on certain body parts when they are named at an increasing rate of speed. This game teaches children music, rhythm, and their basic body parts.

Elements of Pre-School Games

A game that requires more physical movement is building an obstacle course in a room or outside that children must make their way through. It is important to remove any items from the area that might pose a safety hazard. This game teaches pre-school children how to solve problems and helps them develop their motor skills.

Typical elements of Pre-school games are:

  • Simple enough for children to make/add their own rules
  • Limited number of rules
  • Incorporate several areas of comprehension
  • Teach sharing and how to take turns
  • Teaches children to follow rules

The game Red Light, Green Light is a favorite pre-school game. In this game students run around or dance until they hear "red light." At that cue, children have to freeze wherever they are. Children wait until they hear "green light" and continue their movement. This game helps establish listening skills, phonological awareness, motor skills, and patience.

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