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Teaching Statistics Online

Teaching Statistics Online

This is a topic suggestion on Teaching Statistics Online from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Many authors have proposed teaching methods and educational strategies for teaching statistics in the regular management of classrooms. In your research paper, you should identify which ones of these methods could be successfully applied in an online format.

In a research paper on how to teach statistics online, you will want to approach the following areas of interest:

  1. Research and identify the latest methods used when teaching statistics online.
  2. Provide specific examples of how instructors have used innovative methods to teach the statistics course or some other quantitative course in an online format.
  3. There are other quantitative-oriented courses, statistics is one of them. You can also identify innovative methods used to teach mathematics in an online format.
  4. Suggest how other quantitative course methods could be applied to an online statistics course.

Online Learning and Statistics

In most cases, teaching statistics requires the instructor to stand at the blackboard and develop an example in a step-by-step manner such that the student can follow along and take notes. By utilizing the "Floor Tiles" web exercise in this particular case, the students are given the opportunity to actually engage with the material. In doing so, the students take an active role in both teaching curriculum and learning. By the end of the exercise, students should be able to conceptualize the fact that no matter what shape of the quadrilateral is chosen it remains a quadrilateral. This concept can be difficult for many students to understand as it requires the ability to think in two-dimensions. By allowing students to experiment with actual statistics, however, they can experience this idea for themselves in a virtual learning environment.

Given the fact that web-based, online activities can help students learn difficult mathematical concepts in a more concrete manner, there is a clear need to consider what has been noted about online statistics applications in the process of teaching. Specifically, the problems and difficulties that can arise in this context need to be considered such that educators can find viable alternatives for improving instruction. Using this rationale as a basis for further exploration, this investigation now considers the overall benefits and drawbacks that are associated with online learning. Once these issues have been elucidated, it will be possible to provide suggestions for minimizing difficulties and increasing the utility of these exercises.

Considering first the overall benefits that can be derived from the process of utilizing online statistics exercises to facilitate learning, researchers have noted that changes in pedagogy to ensure that learning experiences of students are commensurate with their real world experiences have created an environment in which educators are challenged to meet this goal. To this end, the use Internet-based curriculum can foster this need for development by providing students with the opportunity to engage in activities that utilize computer technology, a tool most students use for other aspects of daily life. In this manner, learning is facilitated though the process of making education a more realistic experience for the student.

Adding to the benefits that can be garnered from the use of online teaching, researchers have also noted that when Internet activities are used for learning, students are given the opportunity to discover and understand information at their own pace. In particular, experts have noted that the use of websites as a means for introducing new concepts can facilitate learning by enabling students to engage with the material in an individual manner that permits them feel comfortable with making mistakes and developing understanding. Given the complexity of statistical concepts, this process can be a boon for students attempting to learn new ideas.

A Word About Sources

Sources must come from authoritative sources like journals, practitioner publications, and/or books only. You can also use the online databases at the library website. If you need to include sources from other websites, these must appear to be authoritative sources; otherwise they will not count for credit. If in doubt, you can get instructor's approval prior to using a website as a reference. Sources should be recent (2006 and later) otherwise they may not count for credit. If you are not able to find enough recent sources, please contact the instructor for advice before submitting your paper. Every reference must be fully documented. Do not forget to include title, author name and date. In addition, depending on the type of source, you should include additional information. For example, for articles you need to include volume number, issue number, etc.

Every web reference must be fully documented, including title, author name and date. If there is no author name in the web page, use the name of the sponsoring organization for the website as the author. If there is no specified title, use the title of the web page in the title bar. If there is no date, use the date it was accessed.

For any source obtained online (from a website or from the library website) include the full address as a hyperlink. You should provide the direct web link to the specific web page, not the web link to the main home page. Test the hyperlink to make sure it will take you to the website. Some of the web links in the library databases are temporary, instead you need to obtain the persistent link or the accession number.
Your list of references must be an annotated bibliography. Include a one-sentence abstract for each source. The abstract should be a brief, overall summary of the article (or web site), not one of the paragraphs in the article.

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