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Multidisciplinary Education

Multidisciplinary Education

Nearly every education major must study the concept of multidisciplinary education. Paper Masters helps you understand and write an excellent project on multidisciplinary education by giving you the following outline to guide you in your research. We also can custom write a research paper on multidisciplinary education and what it means for educating the children of America today.

How To Write a Research Study on Multidisciplinary Education

  1. Introduction
    1. Definition of Multidisciplinary Education
    2. Major Current Beliefs Regarding Fitness in Education
    3. Overview of Study and Methodology
  2. Review of the Literature
    1. Defining Key Ideas
      1. Education
      2. Multidisciplinary Education
    2. Historical Views of Multidisciplinary Education
    3. Current Research on Multidisciplinary Education
    4. Alternate or Negative Views on Multidisciplinary Education
  3. Methodology
    1. Hypothesis: Health, fitness, and recreation are essential parts of the total person. Fitness is critical in the public educational system. If there are no physical fitness standards in the education system, it has failed to offer comprehensive instruction to its students.
    2. Data Collection Techniques
    3. Data Collection Limitations and Data Validity
  4. Analysis
  5. Summary and Future Research

What is Multidisciplinary Education?

Multidisciplinary education is centered on the idea that education should be based on wholeness or interconnectedness. Essentially, a multidisciplinary curriculum focuses on a vast array of topics that reflect the student as a whole person made up of body, mind, spirit, and emotions. This obviously differs from a traditional curriculum that typically stresses primarily one facet of a person: mind. The multidisciplinary curriculum then would require that the development of the body would receive equal attention as development of the mind (as well as spiritual and emotional development). As a result, this curriculum would have core components that would stress the importance of health, fitness, and recreation. In this manner, children would learn from an early age that these components are vital parts of an individual and that they should be pursued throughout life instead of the current systems, which tends to treat such material as at best a minor part of the curriculum and therefore a minor part of life itself.

Encouraging Interdisciplinary Learning

Multidisciplinary education is also referred to as Interdisciplinary education in the relevant literature. Essentially, it encourages a pedagogical approach utilizing several different academic disciplines into an integrated lesson unit. For example, elementary students studying the colonial period in America may learn about the subject not just in their social studies class, but in literature and science. Multidisciplinary education allows for both collaborative teaching and holistic learning.

There are numerous studies in the medical and psychological literature that support the notion that recreation is an essential part of an individual's well-being. Furthermore, there are dozens of studies that demonstrate the importance of fitness toward good health. And at the same time there are numerous clinical studies that have shown the detrimental impact of stress on individuals. Each of these bodies of research suggest that a critical need exists to include fitness and recreation in every day life to ensure a healthy lifestyle and reduce an individual's overall stress thereby allowing individuals to theoretically live longer, fuller lives. However, the literature has done less to suggest that these healthy practices should occur much earlier in life than adulthood and that one of the best ways of ensuring that these practices are followed later in life is to be sure to teach them in the classroom.

Challenges to Multidisciplinary Education

In higher levels of academia, there are several challenges to multidisciplinary education. One of which is the language barrier. Advanced and specialized disciplines have their vocabulary, terms often alien to those outside the discipline. Ideally, multidisciplinary education finds common ground within the various subjects when educators maintain the goal of working together towards the enrichment of the students' education achievement.

Multidisciplinary education is a further attempt to educate the whole child. On practical level, this requires that curriculum subjects not be broken down into smaller fragments. It also requires that the individual student's abilities, needs and interests are taken into account when constructing lesson plans and teaching methodology.

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Multidisciplinary Education Research Papers

Multidisciplinary Education Research Papers discuss how multidisciplinary education is an attempt to educate the whole child and require curriculum to not be broken down into small fragments.

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