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Math History

Math History

Mathematics arose as part of everyday life for humans, utilizing it to survey land, count, and track seasons; he did not know his routine actions would one day be unveiled as the science known as "math."

Important Eras in Math History

  1. Prehistoric mathematics
  2. Babylonian mathematics
  3. Egyptian mathematics
  4. Greek mathematics
  5. Chinese mathematics
  6. Indian mathematics
  7. Islamic mathematics
  8. Medieval European mathematics
  9. Renaissance mathematics
  10. Mathematics during the Scientific Revolution
    1. 17th century
    2. 18th century
  11. Modern mathematics

The earliest recognition of "math" as a subject can be tracked back to the "Pythagorean theorem." Pythagoreans around the 6th century BC. This group unveiled the term from the Greek word, mathema. Although the Pythagoreans "fathered" the subject, it was however, the Greeks that were known to first embrace and promote the education of math. The first Greek schools of "math," known as the Ionian and Pythagorean schools, can be dated back to around 400 B.C. Additionally, the Greeks refined, expanded, and promoted rigor, "It was said that the Greek geometricians are compared with those current at a later date". Along the way other cultures too, refined the subject. The Chinese introduced a place value system, which was further refined by the Hindu-Arabic numeral system. The Islamic culture also made adaptations.

Mathematics Today

Math was "barely assimilated when refugees who escaped from Constantinople brought" it to Italy where it was then translated to Latin and ushered to Europe and further refined. Today, new discoveries continue to manipulate mathematics.

Although math, in some form or another, is employed routinely, the truth is, mathematics as known today, carry on a highly sophisticated origin.

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