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Effective Teaching Methods

Effective Teaching Methods

There are many different kinds of effective teaching methods. A teaching method can only be effective if students are able to learn from that method. Because different students have different learning styles, not all teaching methods will be effective for all students. Order a research paper on one or all the various types of teaching methods and Paper Masters will custom write the research.

Four Main Types of Teaching Methods

There are four main types of teaching methods. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Explaining (Lecture)
  2. Demonstrating
  3. Collaborating
  4. Learning by Teaching

The method that the Paper Masters suggests for the approach to instruction relies heavily on the use of interactive engagement of readers and writers through questioning and open-ended discussion of narrative content. We also recommend the use of process writing, rather than traditional rote learning of grammar, as the best way to bolster the burgeoning literacy skills of students from diverse backgrounds.

Noting that traditionally marginalized groups, such as the poor, racial and ethnic minorities, and non-native-speakers of English will constitute nearly half of the student population in American public schools in the near future, the authors advocate the development and implementation of meaningful, culturally sensitive learning environments as a best practice to serve the diverse learning needs of these students.

By the late 1990s, American educators were becoming accustomed to the growing prevalence of students from non-English-speaking households as a demographic factor in curricular development. However, many of the approaches to the instruction of students with limited English proficiency remained mired in the demographic realities and pedagogical theories of the mid-twentieth century.

Traditional Teaching Methods

One effective teaching method is the traditional method of assigning reading material (like Shakespeare's Hamlet) and giving a multiple choice test to assess the comprehension of that reading material. This method is boring and straightforward, but it is effective for visual learners that work best individually. Another effective teaching method is group work. Group work consists of students discussing the Hamlet together, filling out worksheets together, questioning each other, and giving their own insight into the why Shakespeare chose the words he did in describing Hamlet. This teaching method is effective for auditory learners that learn better bouncing ideas off of others than working individually. A third effective teaching method is demonstrating the assigned topic. This can be done by teaching Hamlet by having students perform a scene in front of the class, then writing an essay about Hamlet's character development. This teaching method would be effective for kinesthetic learners, those with kenesthetic intelligence.

One of the most prolific teaching methods is the practice of co-teaching, in which a team of two or more instructors collaborate to lead the classroom as a single group and in smaller groups for specialized instruction, is well-suited to the needs of many second-language learners of English.

In addition, this approach will support classroom diversity, while simultaneously leveraging the strengths inherent in collaborative teamwork between professional educators. In this way, the needs of both English speakers and second-language learners of English can be met in a satisfactory, effective manner.

Techniques of Teaching a Methods Based Curriculum

Although the specific techniques and teaching methods that instructors may employ will likely differ according to curricular content, student skill level, and other variables, Parish repeatedly reiterates his contention that communication should serve as both the primary method and the goal of all second-language instruction. As such, he consistently favors the use of pedagogical techniques that involve verbal interaction between students.

Perhaps the most effective teaching method is incorporating all of these methods when teaching a lesson. This would allow students to learn in their primary learning style while also pushing students outside of their comfort zones to interact with the assigned material in a different way.


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