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Education On The Internet

Educational Program on the Internet

A model research paper could begin: Select an educational program on the Internet Research Paper that has a description of the curriculum's purpose and objectives. The program needs to include descriptions of its teachers /trainers, students in both primary and secondary schools, administrators, and other stakeholders (parents or customers).

You will create assessment tools for the evaluation plan of this educational strategies with the help of a selected evaluation mode to improve the outcome of the education process.

Assessment and Education on the Internet

You are limited in your model selection because the model you pick will need to allow for questionnaires, focus groups, and observations among its tools of assessment and educational philosophy. The project's purpose is to design real instruments to be used in an evaluation process. You may design each survey with open and closed questions.

The selected program of study should include assessment tools for each of these three stakeholder groups: teachers /trainers, administrators, and students. The Instructions are as follows for Education Program on the Internet Research Paper:

  1. Design a questionnaire survey for each of the aforementioned groups of stakeholders with at least 20 questions in each survey. You may design each survey with open and closed questions.
  2. Design a series of questions to be used for focus groups that would include each group of stakeholders. You should design an equal number of open and closed questions for these group interviews.
  3. Design a basic observational checklist that can be used by a team of observer /evaluators who would observe each classroom and teacher within the program. As you create each tool, keep the program in mind and its specific objectives.
  4. Each of the three assessment tool types needs to be designed for each of the three stakeholder groups. This means there will be at least nine assessment tools that need to be created. You must give your rationale for the kinds of questions and items in each of the three tools.
  5. Explain how you will collate the data from answers to all surveys and interviews and the information from the observation checklists.
  6. Describe how this data will be presented and analyzed.
  7. Explain if any other data might be collected, such as standardized tests, in addition to the data gathered by your tools.
  8. You do need to anticipate results or make recommendations.
  9. Please add retrieved date and URL at the end of references to show how you found them online.

Overview on Online Education Programs:

Online degrees and online education programs, although equivalent in many respects to traditionally formatted distance programs, are differentiated from other distance programs in that they are strictly delivered via the Internet whereas distance programs can be delivered in various other media formats. However, although the format may differ the overall concept is the same: to increase the educational options available to learners who seek or need alternate access options relevant to their education needs. It should be noted that individual courses can be taught online as well. Statistics can easily be taught via the computer. Online education (OE) has been defined as:
The virtual university or virtual learning environment isnot a single institution, but a web of educational providers that collectively distribute services to the client at the time, place, pace, and style desired by the client, with quality determined by the client and a variety of approving and accrediting bodies.

With this in mind it can be taken that OE is defined as delivered exclusively via the Internet or, alternatively, in tandem with or completely through the use of e-mail or other Internet related technology. OE has evolved from the realm of fly-by-night diploma mills to be embraced by learning institutions at the highest levels of achievement and stature. While the level and degree of acceptance of OE between the various institutions utilizing or offering it, there can be no debate about OE's ultimate place in the future of education at every level that still meets national education strategies.

OE is also referred to as either synchronous or asynchronous learning because the interaction between learner and instructor and learner and course material can take place simultaneously or separated by time and distance, as well as teacher's instructional strategies. In other words, the learner may access the course material late at night and review the instructor's comments and feedback at the same time, while the instructor and other course participants access the same material and feedback at any period throughout the day, evening or night.

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