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Curriculum Implementation


This is a topic suggestion on Curriculum Implementation from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

An educational research paper may be written the following way: When implementing a new curriculum, there are a host of factors that must be considered; it is only by doing this that one can be certain the implementation is successful. Most important is that a long-term plan be in place that coincides with the organization's philosophy of education. Without a long-term plan, instructors and administrators alike will find themselves floundering as they try to determine what is to come next, losing the purpose of education. A long-term plan will lay out the course that the curriculum implementation is to follow, removing any questions or concerns before any type of action even takes place. This plan needs to reflect the strategic plan for the school and the district as a whole, because failure to include this connection will result in a increased student sense of isolation between immediate and future lessons in the classroom, especially as the education process evolves.

Several physical elements must also be in place when implementing a new curriculum. There needs to be a clearly-defined leader or leadership team, with clearly-defined roles for all members when using the latter. Whether this is the individual classroom teacher, teachers throughout an entire grade, or a school administrator, this leader is responsible for the forward progress of the implementation process. Necessary resources need to be at the ready; the implementation of a curriculum should not be slowed because instructional materials have not been received from the publisher or supplier. Finally, concrete communication with parents, guardians, families, and the community needs to be included as well. Whether this is done through routine written communication, educational conferences, or a public forum where the new curriculum is presented, it is imperative to include these outside members in the overall plan, as their support is necessary to any long-term success.

Educational Strategy for Implementing Curriculum

Curriculum implementation requires beginning with a clear plan and an educational strategy. A well thought out long- term plan that addresses the needs of a diverse population is the start of successful implementation of a curriculum. One of the best ways to begin mapping out curriculum implementation is to determine the most effective means of communication between all stakeholders. Communication needs to be clear and concise along with a consistent mode of two-way, back and forth talk. Every member of the team must know what's expected of them and what their job will be in implementing the new curriculum. The following are the most important aspects to require of teams that are in charge of curriculum implementation:

  • Clear goals - Clearly define what is expected of every team member.

  • Resource Management - Do the resources available match the curriculum goals.?

  • Professional Development - Does the plan leave room and address professional development of those involved with the curriculum?

  • Community - Does the plan implement the community, parents, and other stakeholders in the educational process?

When doing research for a research paper on curriculum implementation, a plan for professional development needs to be in place along with the curriculum. Part of establishing a new curriculum is the understanding that every professional involved must be dedicated to development of standards and practices that meet the needs of teachers, specialists, administrators, and all involved with the educational goals of the institution. In order for professionals to succeed in the educational setting, edification and satisfaction of identifying, developing and implementing support for leaders must be part of the plan.

Curriculum Development and Implementation

In order to lead team for curriculum implementation leader must have a vision and a long-term plan that outlines expectations, resources, professional development and how to work with communities and families. The leader must have a vision of what successful curriculums entail and how to choose a team that can help share the responsibility of communicating a plan implementing a plan, supporting, monitoring, and then evaluating the curriculum. In designing the long-term plan several things must be kept in mind. The goal of the school or school district must be accounted for; standards and guidelines according to state and local regulation must be known; and the foresight to predict change that may happen in standards and government regulations are all part of the leader's job in curriculum implementation. Having a strategy and developing that strategy to foster leaders throughout the community should also a a sound part of curriculum implementation.

Often times in curriculum development one of the most important aspects of the educational experience is forgotten. Including communities and family in curriculum implementation and design is essential for understanding a holistic approach to educational needs in America. Often times the community and families of students feel left out of the educational planning process. Implementing the community and families into curriculum development makes them feel included and a part of the educational process within their world. Everyone is necessary in order to develop a successful curriculum. Teachers, policy makers, principles, families, caregivers, and parents are all seeking the common goal of educating children to be better community members and build a better world. Curriculum implementation requires including everyone in the planning process of what our children need to learn in order to make them successful.

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Curriculum Implementation Research Papers

When implementing a new curriculum, there are a host of factors that must be considered; it is only by doing this that one can be certain the implementation is successful.

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