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Common Core Standards

Common Core Standards

How do you start a Common Core Standards research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Throughout a student's educational progress, there are a host of national education standards they are expected to achieve as they reach varying stages of their growth and development. While these standards vary dramatically from one grade to another, from one education philosophy to another, and while they can manifest differently from one school district or state to another, there are a number of basic elements that are common throughout them all. These over arching similarities of education standards, or common core standards, demonstrate a number of basic skills that are easily applied to a host of specific content areas and requirements based on a student's age, ability, and district or state requirements.

Common Core Standards and Students

One common core standard is that students are effectively prepared for the collegiate or work environment, as that is the purpose of education. Working with students in the American education system to identify their ideal career path, whether it is into the workforce or higher education, is essential to ensuring that the standards they are held to are appropriate for the path they choose to follow. While students in younger grades place emphasis on the same standards to ensure all individuals are effectively learning content, those in older grades have the ability to focus on numerous areas and can see their standards diverge from one another significantly. According to Common Core State Standards Organization, common core standards also emphasis higher-level thinking; no matter what the content area, these common core standards serve to push students through the various levels of taxonomy and thinking as defined by numerous educational theorists. Your research paper should stress that though the specifics of the standards might vary, the underlying goals, objectives, and assumptions remain relatively constant.

Education and Common Core Standards

Common Core Standards come from the National Governors Association and were developed by students, teachers and administrators to provide a quality standard of education. In doing so, the common core standards focus on the following points:

Implementation is often times slow in creating standards. Arguments over what must be included in the standards vary from state to state but overall, the Common Core Standards have achieved an acceptable amount of success nationally.

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Common Core Standards Research Papers

Common Core Standards research papers discuss the basic elements of standards through out all school districts and grade levels.

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