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Common Core Curriculum

Common Core Curriculum

How do you start a Common Core Curriculum research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Just as core standards can vary dramatically from one school district or state to another, so too can the curriculum used to instruct students on these standards especially when striving to meet national education standards. Some areas might emphasize standardized assessments as the only means of gauging student success in a given area; others might use an education philosophies that are nontraditional instructional strategies in an attempt to retain student interest and create greater connections to the material being presented. Its important to stress in your research paper that no matter what the differences are between the various elements, some common state education standards with regards to the curriculum become apparent.

Common Core Curriculum and Education Reform

Having a common core curriculum requires American education to have the same expectations of excellence across the board. As curriculum restructuring is central to the education reform found on many levels of the United States standardization movement, this single factor creates significant relevance to the public school system. Education literature consistently cites strained budgets, lack of sufficient resources and diminished parental involvement as being some of the problems of education, and curriculum restructuring places added pressures on budgets and available resources. According to Common Core State Standards Initiative Organization, these negative elements of common core curriculum are minor compared to the possibility of standardization assisting educators to set benchmarks.

Some advantages of having a common core curriculum are:

  • Cohesiveness
  • No redundancy
  • Teacher expectations are known
  • Testing is structured

Strategies of Common Core Curriculum

First are the required elements of the curriculum, as you will find as you collect information for your research paper: all need to clearly specify what is being taught, how it is being assessed, what accommodations are made for students who need them, and what goals and objectives are being met. Second, all standard curriculum programs should include instructional strategies and lessons that are specific enough that any instructor can provide direction or students with regards to the material. Using specific examples, exact phrasing, and notes about past successes and failures are vital to this element. Finally, common standards for various types of curriculum should demonstrate the placement of a given lesson in the greater continuity of education. One lesson or theme standing alone is not enough; a curriculum should place this lesson or theme in the greater context of a course, school year, or over arching theme. Pointing out what this particular curricular element does to help students reach a larger goal is vital, as it gives a sense of purpose and placement for instructors and students alike.

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Common Core Curriculum Research Papers

Common Core Curriculum research papers discuss 3 required elements of common core curriculum for any school district in any state.

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