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How To Reduce Students Stress

How to Reduce Student's Stress

How to Reduce Student's Stress research papers take a vast amount of time to outline and write. Here is a suggestion on how Paper Masters lays out an assignment like that.

Before beginning your project on student stress, first outline where you are going to go with this topic. Have a goal, a purpose. Write a clear explanation why you are writing on this particular topic. Here are some questions to consider:

  1. Were you asked to write on this topic by your professor?
  2. What do they expect you to discover?
  3. Is there a problem that this research paper will help solve?
  4. Is this simply something that will help you or another student in life?
  5. Is this an important skill or knowledge that will be useful? Is your goal to offer something just because you think others would be interested?

The previous research into student stress proceeds from the theoretical assumptions that the nature of the student environment is a stressor and the amount of stress produced by the environment varies among individuals due to genetic, behavioral, medical or psychological factors. The previous research also adopts the theoretical position that there is a complex interrelationship between variables that product, aggravate or mitigate student stress. Because of the complexity of the interrelationship among the variables, the majority of previous researchers have investigated single variables associated or small clusters of variables associated with student stress.

There have been previous studies examining the relationship of optimism, depression, exercise and gender on stress in general and on student stress. These studies, however, have not examined the interrelationship between the variables and the impact of this interrelationship on student stress. As a result, this experimental method will improve the understanding of the way in which these four variables impact the ways in which students are affected by student stress.

Choosing a Direction for a Student Stress Research Paper

Now that you understand the problem, here are more questions to consider in choosing your direction.

  1. What skills and information are necessary to meet the needs or problem?
  2. What do you as an instructor need to do in the instructing? As you analyze your goal, how are you going to organize your activities?
  3. How much detail will you include in your instruction? All this leads to the question:
  4. How much time do you need for your instruction?
  5. Will you do it all in one session, (two sessions) or more? Why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each plan?

Analyze Audience

The audience will be college international students, perhaps at a graduate level of study.

Analyze your audience by describing characteristics of these learners. What skills do they bring to the presentation, class or seminar? What background will they bring with them? How will their culture, language skills, economic status, age, family status, physical abilities and disabilities affect your instructional design? What interests the learners?

You may want to base your research paper on a survey questionnaire to a convenience sample of university students in the psychology department. In the context of this study, the dependent variable is the level of student stress perceived by the participants. The independent variables are the level of optimism and depression reported by the participants, the amount of exercise that they engage in and their gender. The survey questionnaire will contain a statement regarding the purpose of the study and will not use any type of coding or other means of identifying the respondents in order to preserve their anonymity. The verbal instructions given to each of the respondents at the time that the survey questionnaire is disseminated will be minimal in order to reduce the possibility of the researcher biasing the respondents. Each of the survey questionnaires will also contain a brief informed consent statement explaining the risks associated with the study. The risk of harm to the participants is minimal, with the task associated with the survey questionnaire similar to the routine tasks conducted by a student during the course of their education. In addition, the confidentiality protocols for the study will reduce the risk of harm from the disclosure of private or sensitive information. It is anticipated that the survey study research method will meet the standards of the Institutional Review Board for maintaining a balance between the benefits of the research and the potential that the research will cause harm to participants.

Objectives for How to Reduce Students' Stress Research Paper

This is a sample objective for a "How to Reduce Student's Stress" research paper:

  1. The students will know the definition of stress distinguished from the other bad feelings.
  2. The students will list [or understand or explain] the symptoms of the stress on their body (e.g. weight gain, hives, etc.).
  3. The students will recall, list, explain, illustrate the warning signs of stress.
  4. The students will list the causes of the stress.
  5. The students will discuss the causes of the stress.
  6. The students [will] analyze the causes of the stress.
  7. The students will explain, recall, discuss, assess how to solve or reduce their stress.

The objectives themselves may be bullated and short phrases. Objectives will use appropriate action words. However, you will also include an explanation how each objective matches with the learning domains and the taxonomy of each. You will identify how these objectives relate to the goal and how they match with the audience and the characteristics of the audience.

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How To Reduce Students Stress Research Papers

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