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Education Assessment Tools

Education Assessment Tools

Educational assessment tools research papers show that when perusing current educational journals, there is a considerable amount of literature regarding the process of assessment. It seems that when it comes to assessing school, teacher or student performance, there is a considerable amount of controversy over which methods are most effective. Given this current debate, undertaking a course with the primary objective of leaning how and when to assess proved extremely useful in preparing for a career as a teacher. As you write your research paper you may include the following information.

Examples of education assessment tools:

  • Concept Maps: Helping students get the "big picture" of educational ideas
  • Written Reports: Written reports and research papers
  • Oral Presentations: Evaluating oral presentations
  • Exams: The most basic of education assessment tools
  • Posters or Knowledge Graphs: Artistic way to present assessment

Reviewing the information that has been taught in the class, it becomes clear that any student taking this course would have a full understanding of proper assessment tools. Further techniques such as rubrics and portfolios are techniques that are not specific to one type of educational environment. Therefore this information has great utility and can be applied in a number of instructional settings.

Education Assessment Techniques

In addition to assessment techniques, learning the basics of cooperative education also proves quite useful. Although critics of the theory maintain that its result are highly unpredictable, it clear that is an instructor knows how to properly utilize the technique it can provide a whole new realm of teaching opportunities for both students and teachers. In short the techniques learned in this course will prove to be invaluable for a future career in teaching. Additionally, the course provides an incredible insight into the practical application of teaching and learning theories.

Public education has faced a number of notable challenges in recent years. Issues involving a decline in student achievement coupled with the need for educators to do more with less have created an environment in which schools have failed to produce positive results for student achievement. According to the NEA, 2002 the passage of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act further complicated the situation by shifting curriculum to content-based standards for achievement. While NCLB was aimed at improving educational outcomes for students, it appears to have further obfuscated the specific objectives that should be pursued by educators in creating a sustainable educational program.

Given the remarkable changes that have taken place in education in recent years, it is not surprising to find that the specific methods and tools for educational assessment have evolved as well. Because it is imperative that educators keep abreast of these changes, there is a clear impetus to examine the changes that have occurred in this area. To this end, this investigation provides a review of the changes that have taken place in the area of educational assessment. Through a comprehensive review of what has been written on this subject, it will be possible to provide a more integral understanding of the evolution that has occurred in this area.

Applying an Assessment Tool

Educators have been moving more toward the "hands-on" type of learning experiences for quite a few years. When using assessment tools in education, it is found that students learn more and are better equipped for critical thinking over multiple disciplines when the teaching methods are focused on "real world" scenarios.

The shortfall in this method, as with any assessment method, is that the educators are under pressure to cover a wide variety of topics in a short amount of time. Knowing quite a few teachers and counselors, I know for a fact that most of a quarter of the school year is spent directly feeding information to the students taking the exam and the actual exam administration.

In applying an assessment method, implement a series of "standardized tests" to be spread evenly through the year. This way the teachers have the flexibility for testing their students at a point that is better integrated into the curriculum, based on comprehension and critical thinking skills as they apply to that discipline. By spreading the testing throughout the year, students are not as pressured in facing a "week of testing," but able to recall the process of applying their thinking skills to real life scenarios and open-ended questions.

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Education Assessment Tools Research Papers

An Education Assessment Tools research paper show the benefits of various assessment methods used in cooperative education. Example research papers for undergraduate and graduate students are available to help with homework.

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