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Teacher Certification

Teacher Certification

No time to do your Teacher Certification research paper? Here is an example of what we can do for you.

Read and critique a professional research article related to Teacher Certification answering the following questions. This article must have been published within the last three years. Do not copy any part of the author's statements. Critique must be at least two full pages: I also need a copy of the entire article - pasted in the paper:

  1. Title of the article:
  2. Author(s):
  3. Name of the journal:
  4. Date of Publication:

Answer the Following Questions for Teacher Certification Research Paper:

  1. Summarize the article in your own words. What was the study about? What were the hypothesis, methodology, and the results of the study?
  2. What is the relevance of this study to the Exercise and Movement Sciences profession? Why is this study important and how will it make an impact on our profession?
  3. How will this study affect your future as an Exercise and Movement Sciences professional?
  4. After reading the article, what questions do you have about the Teacher Certification that the author(s) did not answer?
  5. Discuss any personal comments or concerns regarding this study.

Things to remember when writing the Teacher Certification Research Paper:

  1. You can use any college website to find the professional journal article- on Ebsco Host, which is a research database... Academic Search Premier and Wilson Omni File are two of the full text databases...
  2. APA format
  3. Cited Article at the end (Reference Page)
    • APA style
    • Journal Article must be professional
    • Must include abstract and all of the rest of the essential components of a professional journal article
    • Please use simple vocabulary
    • Simple sentences
    • Stay on Teacher Certification
    • Support ideas
  4. 2 Full Pages
  5. Remember to make a copy of the journal article in the paper.

A Teacher Certification research paper may also address any of several related subtopics. Research databases may be used to find scholarly articles containing information or analysis on a subtopic. One intriguing subtopic is the intense recent controversy concerning the utility of certificates. The Baltimore-based Abell Foundation contributed to this controversy with a report claiming that there is "no credible research that supports the use of teacher certification" and recommending that Maryland discontinue certification. The U.S. Secretary of Education in turn cited the Abell report as the sole basis for its conclusions that certification does not enhance teachers' effectiveness and that "burdensome" education requirements for certification should be abolished. Yet research by Arizona-based educators indicates that the literature was misrepresented to support elimination of certification standards. The educators argue that lower-income students are liable to be served by inexperienced teachers and are further hampered when these teachers are uncertified. Another potential research paper topic concerns the effect of certification on America's chronic teacher shortages. Some commentators argue that prerequisites for certification discourage many from entering the field. However, researchers have shown that teacher shortages are due to high proportions of certified teachers never entering the field or leaving within a few years. A paper could therefore argue that the teacher supply problem would be more effectively addressed by making the field more attractive to dedicated teachers than by eliminating certification to attract those who view that process as burdensome.

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Teacher Certification Research Papers

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