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Education Reform Policy

A well written research paper may begin: Education reform policy research papers illustrate that when it comes to the future of America, the country’s children will prove to be its greatest resource. Low standardized tests scores and a large gap between the abilities of minority and immigrant children and their peers indicate that the United States federal education policy is in dire need of reform. Although it will ultimately affect the classrooms of the public education system, this education reform needs to simultaneously occur in several venues:

  1. Federal Funding
  2. Federal Standards
  3. Rewarding Successful Teachers
  4. Standardized Testing


Standards For Education and Policy

While the federal standards for education reform policy and accountability should not be impossible, they should be tough. Education Reform Policy Standards should require that all students at each grade level be able to pass a federally approved standardized test in every subject area, and not just math and science.

If less than 75% of one teacher’s students fail these tests, that teacher should then be required, at his or her own expense, to go a federally approved university for extra course work. If that teacher’s students do not show improvement after the additional course work is completed, then that teacher should be dismissed since they aren't utilizing effective teaching methods.

On the same note, good teachers --those who have demonstrated their dedication in terms of both providing excellent teaching skills and whose students have excelled in terms of standardized test score --- should be rewarded. The federal government should provide additional funding to raise the salaries of excellent teachers and they should publicize this perk well.

As part of another perk, these teachers should be financially rewarded if they choose to also create workshops for teachers who have not been as successful. Poor teachers can learn directly from their more successful peers.

Education reform needs to be completed with federal actions --namely the granting of more federal funding. If America’s children are they country’s future, then they should be given every opportunity to succeed in the American education system. Everyone in this nation will reap the benefits.

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