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Edgar Allan Poe Biography

A research paper biography on the life of the great American author and poet, Edgar Allan Poe, illustrates that it was a short and tumultuous life.  An Edgar Allen Poe biography is as interesting as his best works.  Many of Edgar Allen Poe's stories can be viewed as almost autobiographical.  Issues of his day absolutely influenced his writing but his themes and ideas are amazingly contemporary.

Some of Poe's more famous works are:

Edgar Allan Poe Biography

Edgar Allan Poe - Unique

Edgar Allan Poe wrote stories that were unique in the literary community at that time. Horror, sadism, torture and executions all appear in his tales.  Interesting to note is the affinity with two painters of the same period that were dealing with identical demons in their art.  Poe connected with the great painter Francisco Goya and was greatly influenced by English painter John Martin.

Edgar Allan Poe and American Literature

Edgar Allan Poe’s effectiveness on American literature is very prevalent.  To the Europeans, his Gothic tales of mystery supplied new avenues of thoughts and theories.  His controversial life became part of the mystery and symbolism of his works.  It has taken one hundred years for Poe to be recognized for his artistic abilities.  Modern novelists have embraced Poe for his romantic legacy of the ruined artist.  His originality has made a profound impact on serious writers and advanced thinkers.  It is Poe’s imperfections that have made him the most widely read American writer in the United States and abroad.

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