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Ecstasy Research Papers on the "Perfect Drug"

Ecstasy research papers illustrate that ecstasy has often be called the "perfect drug". Find out why in a custom written research paper on ecstasy, one of the most prolific social problems in society today.

Could this be the perfect drug? Originally formulated in the laboratory as a weapon in the arsenal of drugs used to assist psychotherapists in their treatment of patients, it was quickly embraced throughout the country and beyond as a recreational or “club” drug. Deemed harmless by many, this little white pill – in the laboratory known as MDMA – has become particularly popular among teenagers who love the feeling of energy and self-confidence that accompanies the drug. But, is it really harmless? A review of the literature reveals evidence on both sides of the issue.

The Evolution of Ecstasy

First, a brief description of the drug as it has evolved throughout the years. EcstasyAccording to authors in their book, Designer Drugs, ecstasy is the result of a drug combination. One of the main ingredients, MDA, belongs to the classification of substances known as psychedelics or mind-altering drugs. MDA is then combined with methamphetamine to produce MDMA. The drug is taken, however, for its hallucinogenic properties and is valued for the effects it produces, such as heightened sensory perception and self-awareness. The “speed’ effects of methamphetamine fill the person with an artificial sense of energy and vigor, a feeling that may lead him to overtax themselves physically. In his article for Listen Magazine, an author describes the connection between the use of ecstasy and rave parties, a particularly attractive combination to teenagers. After taking ecstasy, teens may dance for hours on end, not stopping for rest, food or drink. The following are common affects of ecstasy:

  • Human bodies, under the influence of ecstasy, don’t recognize the feeling of fatigue.
  • The most common danger in this scenario is that the body will overheat and the person may collapse into unconsciousness or convulsions.
  • Body temperatures may soar as high as 111 degrees Fahrenheit according to emergency room personnel.
  • While the temperature rises, the pulse races and blood pressure drops. In extreme cases, it leads to death.

The Ecstasy Reaction

Certainly, not every ecstasy-user will experience such a drastic reaction, but, because ecstasy affects the brain, other risks may be present. Some users may experience confusion disorientation, confusion and panic attacks. When ecstasy is ingested, the brain produces more serotonin, a brain chemical that produces the sense of self-confidence and increased energy. When the high wears off, the amount of serotonin expended does not replenish itself quickly, a fact that could result in the user feeling severely depressed. In fact, the depression could last longer than the initial high experienced by the person. A continual lack of serotonin may lead to serious psychological problems such as memory loss and permanent brain damage .

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