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Ecosystem Research Papers

Ecosystem research papers are custom written and cover topics such as coral reefs, photosynthesis and other topics of how the world works together in a symbiotic manner. Paper Masters can custom write your ecosystem research paper today.

An ecosystem can be defined as a community of living organisms interacting as a system with the nonliving aspects of the environment. Coral reefs and rainforest's are perhaps the most visible examples of ecosystems. Organisms interact with each other, other organisms, and the environment in a network of energy flow.

The process of an ecosystem goes through the following steps:

  1. Ecosystems obtain all of their primary energy from the sun.
  2. Plants use photosynthesis to capture solar energy, converting it into oxygen and carbon.
  3. Animals then eat the plants, which spreads this energy throughout the ecosystem.
  4. Some of these animals are, in turn eaten by larger animals.

Ecosystem Factors

Ecosystems are affected by both internal and external factors. Climate is perhaps the single greatest external force that shapes ecosystems. Changes in the environment can radically alter an ecosystem, even leading to its eventual destruction. Ecosystems are dynamic, marked by both resistance to disturbance and resilience, meaning its ability to return to a state of equilibrium following a disturbance.

Human beings are proving to be the largest disturbance of various ecosystems around the globe, as our demand for resources and land shrink many natural ecosystems. Further, human beings affect the climate and atmosphere of the planet, which can damage ecosystems not physically near human habitation. It is estimated, for example, that one quarter of all bird species have become extinct as the result of human impact on ecosystems.

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