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Feminization of Labor In Pakistan

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This research paper discusses ONE issue of contemporary transformation that a community, region or country is undergoing connecting it to both global processes and institutions of change and situating it within its specific historical, social and political economic realities. Your essay must clearly highlight how the issue you are examining connects the economic with the political, social/cultural and historical.

Feminization of Labor in Pakistan for this paper will be Feminization of labor: in Pakistan unless writer can find a better Feminization of Labor in Pakistan or country for the feminization of labor.

Feminization of Labor in Pakistan Research Paper:

The essay will address its current and future impact on the economy and society of Pakistan. And answer What policy recommendations would you make to improve or maintain the standard of living of people in your case study setting while at the same time coping with potentially disruptive societal or environment effects?

All Sources must be from at least 8 Academic Journals and 1-3 Newspaper Articles, and other sources, website.

Format for Feminization of Labor in Pakistan Research Paper:


1. Some context to briefly let the reader know the reason why you have chosen the Feminization of Labor in Pakistan.

2. An explicit statement about the question you are trying to answer, the hypothesis that you are going to test, or the claim that you are going to make.


Background information that will let the reader know the reason why you have chosen to address your question in the way that you state in the introduction. Usually drawing upon a theory or debate that we have explored will provide the necessary context within which your question and hypothesis will be placed.


1. This section should present the evidence, which supports your hypothesis. If your essay poses a question that you seek to answer, then a balanced set of issues must be addressed. In both cases you must show that you are aware of the issues that support or don't support your argument

2. Any statement or claims made in your essay must be supported with evidence. Figures, tables and citations based on the work of others all constitute good ways of presenting evidence to support your argument.

3. Section headings often help the reader to follow along with your argument. It also helps you to maintain a coherent argument.


This is where you can make statements of belief, based on the evidence you have collected. At this point you have presented all the evidence to support your argument and you can now demonstrate that the question you initially posed is right or why it might be complex, or what issues you might need to address further in order to be sure.


All information based on the work of others must be referenced, so that doubting readers can check your sources themselves. All quotes, tables and figures used, must be referenced.

While writing, if you would like to refer to someone's work you must 'cite' the author. Citation marks used are usually either the Author (year) (if you refer to the author specifically by name), or (Author, year) if you want to indicate where you got the information.

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Feminization of Labor In Pakistan Research Papers

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