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Microeconomics Article Summary

Microeconomics Article Summary

Microeconomics Article Summary research papers take a vast amount of time to outline and write. Here is a suggestion on how Paper Masters lays out an assignment like that.

For this project you must select a current (no more than 6 to 8 weeks old) article from the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, a newspaper or any other credible written conveyor of news. The article must in some way relate to a change in one or more determinants of supply or demand or the imposition of a price ceiling or floor.

Below is an outline of how your topic research paper should be laid out.

  1. Article Summary
    In this section, provide a summary of the article you have selected. This section should be approximately one paragraph in length.
  2. Primary Economics Elements
    Identify the key economic elements of the article. Since this is a market analysis (Demand and Supply) then make sure what part of the market you are interested in, demand or supply or both. For example, explain if your article involves a change in the determinants of demand, supply, or maybe involve a price control (like price floor/ceiling, or tax). Discuss the specific economic components. This should also be about one page long.
  3. Graphical Analysis
    This analysis must include depiction of a market (demand and Supply) diagram of product you are interested in. State the initial equilibrium. Graphically analyze the impact of the economic factors you discussed in part II. In addition to graphical depiction, provide a verbal interpretation of what is happening in the graph. How are producers (supply) and consumers (demand) reacting? Your graph may be hand-drawn or use Microsoft Word draw function, but the text of explanation MUST be TYPED if you choose to draw by hand.
  4. Conclusion
    Explain the overall impacts of the change in the determinant of supply or demand, the change in price control. What is the impact on producers and consumers? What is the impact on the equilibrium price and quantity?

Attach a copy of your article to the back of the last page. If you have more than one article then attached the main article, and list the rests in a reference. Use any scientific convention in the method of reference.

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Microeconomics Article Summary Research Papers

Summaries from the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, a newspaper or any other credible written conveyor of news.

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