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Theorist Max Weber

Theorist Max Weber

Theorist Max Weber Term Paper Instructions:

  • The purpose of the term paper is to permit the student to become familiar with the work of a particular theorist and to gain an appreciation of how sociologicl theory has been constructed.
  • Paper will be 18 pages long typed and must include a bibliography accompanied by complete and poper citation.

This is how the format of the Theorist Max Weber Term Paper should be:
Outline for theory paper

I. Introduction on Max Weber

  • brief biography of max weber
  • major influences

II. Major themes/ideas in work of the theorist(Max Weber)


IV. Evaluation: What did critics and others say?

V. Conclusion: what you think of the theorist, Max Weber;
summary of Max Weber's cntributions to sociology

Some essential and suggested sources:

  • R. Bendix, Max Weber: An intellectual portrait.
  • Julien Freund, The sociology of max weber.
  • Max Weber and sociology today
    Deutscher Soziologentag (15th : 1964 : Heidelberg, Germany)
  • Weberian sociological theory
    Collins, Randall, 1941
  • Max Weber and modern sociology

Other Things to Keep in Mind when writing Theorist Max Weber Term Paper:

  • You can use only 2 internet sources but they have to end in .edu.
  • All the sources(books or jourals and internet have to be english sources.
  • The term paper is to be in the format of Chicago style.
  • You can use the Turabian style: sample footnotes and bibliographic Entries(6th edition). For examples and instructions, see manual for writers on term paper, thesis and dissertations(TURABIAN).
  • Only those works tha you actually use in the writing of your paper(hat is, they can be found within your endnotes)may be legitimately listed within the bibliography. You are required to have a minimum of 10 sources in your bibliograpy.
  • font size is to be 12

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