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The Mcdonaldization of Society

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Economics research papers can study the consumer driven trend of efficiency at all cost through an examination of what is known as the McDonaldization of society, coined by George Ritzer's book. Paper Masters custom writes research papers on this phenomena and many other economic theories. Custom written, exactly according to your topic.

The McDonaldization of Society Research Papers point to the following as evidence of our consumer-driven, efficiency orientated society:

  • Cost Cutters for the $10 hair cut in 5 minutes or less
  • Drive through funeral homes for the man on the go that doesn't have time to park and pat his buddy's widow on the back.
  • Boston Markets for the complete, fool-your-friends-into-thinking-that-you-cooked-it-yourself, home cooked meal in a tin.

These examples are all products of McDonaldization, as illustrated in the book by George Ritzer, The McDonaldization of Society. Rizter discusses the elements of efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control as the driving forces behind the McDonaldization of American society. The following study will apply these elements to the disturbing fact that most universities are establishing a theology of McDonaldization to their liberal arts departments and degrees. Through the scaling down of curriculum for efficiency; making the requirements decidedly calculable and predictable; and attempting to control the force of creativity that was once intended in liberal arts, universities have engaged in McDonaldization right along side of the 10 dollar hair cut joints, the drive in funeral, and the home cooked meal in a tin.

Max Weber provides the basis for the theory ofMcDonaldization in asserting that every human action can be broken down into calculation, measurement and control. George Ritzer expands and applies Weber's theory to the afore mentioned sub levels of efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control. Efficiency is "choosing the optimum means to a given end". This efficiency forces the individual to accept the definition of others as to what is efficient. Calculability is "an emphasis on the quantitative aspects of products sold (portion size, cost) and service offered (the time it takes to get the product)". This concept asserts that "more is better". Predictability "emphasizes such things as discipline, order, systemization, formalization, routine, consistency, and methodical operation. In such a society, people prefer to know what to expect in most settings and at most times". This makes every experience the same at every institution, i.e. every McDonalds, and makes the production of the labor simple and transferable.

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The Mcdonaldization of Society Research Papers

McDonaldization of Society research papers analyze the economic theories of McDonaldization, by George Ritzer.

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