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Economic Development Strategy

Economic Development Strategy

Paper Masters shows you how to write a Economic Development Strategy introduction. Why? We believe in helping students succeed. Read on and you'll learn that the Economic Development Strategy research paper discusses the past and present in rural economy, looking at agricultural aspects and also tourism. You can also write a research paper on an economic development strategy of your own choosing or have our writers suggest one, such as the following:

  • Strategies for local economic development
  • Foreign nations and strategic economic development
  • How to Plan for economic development
  • Urban economic development
  • Rural economic development


The Rural Economy

In the past, the rural economy was primarily driven by agriculture, with the farmer and agricultural worker as the primary purchaser of the goods and services available in towns and villages. In some cases, the rural economy was also bolstered by light industry and seasonal tourism, with the financial impact of these economic factors largely contingent on location. Technological changes, however, have increased farming productivity and reduced the number of workers that are required for agricultural production. As a result, many rural communities are now forced to seek alternative methods of supporting the local economy.

Economic Development and Tourism

In this context, a large number of rural communities have turned to tourism as a means to bring income to otherwise economically depressed regions. Tourism has the potential to draw a large number of individuals from outside a rural area that provides support for the local economy. In addition, there is a trend towards an increase in rural tourism in the United States, with rural locations viewed as a desirable destination by urban dwellers. There is, however, no consistent pattern in the way in which various rural communities have used the tourism development strategy, which makes it difficult to isolate the factors that contribute to the successful use of the strategy. At the same time, a number of communities that have attempted to develop a tourism strategy for economic development have not been successful. In these cases, it appears to be easier to identify the factors behind the failure to successfully implement the strategy, which are often financial. Nonetheless, there may be other non-financial factors contributing to the failure of the strategy. The purpose of this study is to attempt to identify the factors that contribute to both success and failure in the development of a tourism strategy for rural economic development.

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Economic Development Strategy Research Papers

Economic Development Strategy research papers discuss the past and present in rural economy, looking at agricultural aspects and also tourism. Economics Research Papers are custom written by Paper Masters.

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