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Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is an incredibly diverse topic and often a student writing a research paper needs help with narrowing it down. Our writers suggest you narrow it by beginning with discussing the U.S. Monetary System and its role.

The Federal Reserve is a banking system established in December 1913 by President Woodrow Wilson. The Federal Reserve Act establishing the system was an outgrowth of recommendations from the National Monetary Commission formed to try to find ways to prevent the financial panics, which periodically caused havoc in the U. S. economy. The Federal Reserve System was devised to prevent such panics by aiding and supervising banks throughout the country and providing banking services for the U.S. Treasury.

  • The Federal Reserve is run by a board of seven full-time members appointed by the president and approved by the Senate
  • The board oversees the twelve Federal Reserve banks and twenty-five branches in all parts of the U. S.
  • The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is an agency of the system for determining monetary policy for the Federal Reserve System
  • The FOMC has its own board of governors plus five Federal Reserve bank representatives who are regularly rotated except for the president of the New York Federal Reserve bank who is a permanent member of FOMC

The Federal Reserve System fulfills a variety of roles helping to stabilize the U. S.'s monetary system. Among these are acting as the Federal governments banker by holding deposits of government money and issuing government checks, regulating the money supply, printing money as needed though the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, and supervising members banks, which can include examining the loans the banks have made.

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Federal Reserve Research Papers

Federal Reserve Research Papers overview the U.S. Monetary System and what role it plays in economics.

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