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Economic Status of Women

Reaction Paper: you will select one Economic Status of Women (see paper Economic Status of Women and paper requirements at the end of this syllabus. Your paper will consist of at LEAST 6 pages of written discussion + 1 page for your references. Your paper will cover the required Economic Status of Women while integrating psychological concepts/theories, one scientific article and one web (.gov or .org) article. This paper is designed to help you to get a better understanding of women, their roles and their life in different environments, the problems they encounter, or to examine women in different cultures.

Make sure that you do not introduce your biases/stereotypes in your paper. Instead use what was discussed in class or your readings to evaluate your thinking with regard to women. Make sure that you follow the paper guidelines.

WRITING AN APA STYLE Paper on the Economic Status of Women


  1. Economic Status of WomenPlease follow the guidelines below. It is important to adopt the APA style in writing a research paper for a psychology class. The APA style is not so different from the MLA style for example.
  2. The American Psychological Association (APA) publishes a text, Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th ed.), that delineates guidelines for writing a scientific research article. The following is a brief synopsis that you will find useful during this course.

General Guidelines for Economic Status of Women Research Paper:

  1. Use 8 1/2 X 11 inch paper
  2. Papers MUST be typed; type should be dark, clear, and readable
  3. Double-space between lines
  4. Type every page with a minimum of 1-inch margins on all sides.
  5. Use 12 font courier or time roman
  6. Always justify text to the left
  7. No more than 27 lines of text per page
  8. Use 5 space paragraph indentations
  9. Use bottom page numbering
  10. Title your paper meaningfully
  11. Use page number

Points to remember in writing Economic Status of Women Paper:

  1. Make clear transitions between referenced studies to help support your argument for the significance of your research paper.
  2. Demonstrate logical continuity from beginning to the end.
  3. Include three clear sections (introduction, body, and conclusions).
  4. Include a reference page (see APA style)


Whenever you refer to information suggested or reported by other researchers, you must cite them.

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