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Domestic Abuse Research Papers

Domestic abuse research papers focus on the problem of domestic abuse in the home among spouses, partners or individuals cohabiting in any type of relationship.

All of these types of domestic abuse have one factor in common: they occur among family members. Specific examples of domestic abuse of anyone living in a relationship with another person include:

Domestic abuse or violence is the most frequent problem that police officers in the United States investigate. However, there are many unanswered problems or difficulties regarding domestic violence. Such problems arise because much of domestic abuse is hidden. Many victims are reluctant to notify the authorities because of fear of retribution by their abuser or shame and embarrassment. Many children are unaware that the abuse they receive is inappropriate or wrong; they simply believe they deserve it. Elders may be unable to contact authorities for assistance because of physical limitations or out of fear that they will have no place to live.

Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse Victims

Due to the reluctance of individuals to step forward to admit that they have been victims of domestic abuse, it is difficult to understand the circumstances and processes of the violence that occurs within a family. Therefore, scientific research and study has been limited in producing the necessary answers that would lead to treatment and a reduction of such crimes. Women abused by their husbands appear to be the most common type of domestic abuse that occurs in the United States. They are especially reluctant to admit such victimization because of financial pressures. Women typically make two-thirds of the salary that men make and are especially limited in their resources to seek outside assistance. 

Domestic Abuse and the Criminal Justice System

The need to study the problem of domestic abuse is great. Such research has only been conducted scientifically during the past twenty years. Thus, there are many unanswered questions regarding domestic violence as it currently exists. Because of the limitations in an understanding of this severe social problem, there is little understanding regarding effective treatment and prevention. Consequently, many abusers are often freed by the criminal justice system in order to abuse again and again.

Abusers who continue to abuse may eventually murder their victim. Unfortunately, a large percentage of murders are committed by individuals who are supposed to love and care about their victims. Thus, without some type of intervention, the abuse experienced within the context of a family may become more severe. There is a great need in determining an appropriate and effective method of treatment to prevent or stop domestic abuse.

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