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DNA Helix

In many biology research papers, the science of DNA structure is very important. It is nearly impossible to study biology without a firm knowledge of DNA. Paper Masters can help you write your research paper on DNA Helix and give you a complete understanding of the structure of the double-stranded molecules of nucleic acids. The DNA helix is the structure of double-stranded molecules of nucleic acids. Also known as the double helix, the structure of DNA was first published in 1953 by James D. Watson and Francis Crick, working from research pioneered by Rosalind Franklin and others.

DNA Helix

and Living Organisms


DNA HelixDNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the molecule where the genetic instructions that control the development and functioning of living organisms are contained. This is an important topic in human anatomy. The DNA helix is comprised of two strands that run in opposite directions. Both strands store the same information, on long polymers of four types of nucleotides. The nucleotides in the DNA helix consist of:

  • a deoxyribose sugar
  • a phosphate
  • a nucleobase

The DNA helix is stabilized by the hydrogen bonds between the nucleotides and the base-stacking interactions between the nucleobases.

DNA and Cell Division

Inside cells, DNA is grouped into chromosomes. During cell division, the chromosomes are duplicated during the process to DNA replication. During replication, the DNA helix unwinds and forms a new double helix. This process occurs in all living organisms, serving as the basis for biological inheritance, passing traits through generations. A 2011 NASA report, based on meteorite studies, suggests that the building blocks of DNA may have originally formed in outer space before coming to Earth billions of years ago.

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