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Discourse Analysis

Discourse analysis is a method for thinking about and approaching a particular problem. Discourse analysis is neither quantitative nor qualitative, but questions the basic assumptions of both. A product of the post-Modern world, discourse analysis stems from the philosophical notion that there is no one single meaning to a communicated word, thought or idea. Discourse analysis is part of language deconstruction, first identified by French thinker Jacques Derrida. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on Discourse analysis that follows your guidelines.

The Goal of Discourse Analysis

Discourse Analysis

Discourse analysis seeks to apply critical thought to social situations and uncover hidden meanings in various belief systems. Michel Foucault has become one of the leading proponents of discourse analysis in recent years. In The Archaeology of Knowledge, Foucault maintained that discourse refers to institutionalized patterns of knowledge, and that both thought and human knowledge are governed by more rules than just logic and grammar.

Discourse Analysis Applied to Fields of Study

Discourse analysis can be applied to numerous fields of study, including:

Each field of study has its own set of methodologies and assumptions. Rather than seeking out any truth in a particular text, for example, discourse analysis seeks to locate meaning within the historical time frame of the document’s creation. One of the major weaknesses of discourse analysis is the lack of hard data, and thus one’s research heavily depends upon the force of logic in one’s argument.

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