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Disability Rights

This is a sample introduction on Disability Rights. Paper Masters can compose a custom research paper designed by you.

Disability rights is a growing movement in the United States to create an environment that is free from discrimination for individuals with physical or mental challenges. Groups like the American Civil Liberties Union work to ensure that disabled individuals are not denied equal access to education, housing and jobs and are not warehoused into institutions such as nursing homes or psychiatric hospitals when they can contribute to society.

The American Civil Liberties Union assures the need for the following to be accessible for persons with disabilities:

  • Access to Public Areas
  • Public Building Access
  • City Street Navigational
  • Access to Public Rest rooms
Disablity Rights

Often, individuals with physical or mental disabilities are not treated as independent adults capable of making their own decisions. Disability rights ensure that these people are not deprived of their civil liberties and that they are allowed to make independent decisions regarding some of the basic decisions that non-disabled adults take for granted every day.

Disability rights also fight to ensure that the twin aspects of accessibility and safety are taken into account. Access to public areas, including the ability to navigate city streets, enter public buildings and use public rest rooms is a primary goal of disability rights.


One of the most important aspects of disability rights was the independent living movement, emerging in California in the 1960s. This movement stresses that individuals with disabilities are the best judges of their own needs, and should be allowed to be as independent as possible.

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