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Director of Special Services for Youth

You are Director of Special Services for youth Research Paper. Your charge by your organization to design a service-based program for assisting those teenagers that have become homeless in your community due to them being kicked out of their homes by a parent or parents.

This course assignment requires a five-step process for completion. " To be effective, your program must be tailored to reflect UNIQUENESS.

The step-by-step approach is followed because it will provide structure and direction to your program design process.

Director of Special Services for Youth

Five Phase Process for Director of Special Services for Youth Research Paper:

Phase 1: Program Basics in which you develop

1. A title for your program
2. A mission for your program, and
3. A one year,a two year, and a three year vision statement for your program

Phase 2: Program Design- In order to develop your program design, you need to:

1. Research three current literature articles regarding data concerning, any needs of homeless teens.
2. Utilize your research findings from which you will, ultimately, design your program

Program Design Outline for Director of Special Services for Youth Research Paper:

Minimally, your program design for Director of Special Services for Youth Research Paper MUST include:

  1. Introduction in which you briefly discuss the NEED for your program and your program's overall PURPOSE.
  2. GOALS you would set for meeting the needs of these homeless teens.
  3. Program activities your would IMPLEMENT to meet your goals.
  4. STAFF you would use to carry out your program activities
  5. Community resources you would like to collaborate with for STRENGTHENING your program in meeting the needs of the teens your program is serving
  6. How you would CREATIVELY fund your program
  7. Strategies for MARKETING your program ,The teens you want to serve,The community, which your program will serve,Potential sponsors/supports of your program ,Other human services agencies, Foundations from whom you would solicit funds

Phase 3: Program Implementation

The main task in this phase is to list in (bullet form) sequential order how you would go about implementing the program once it is designed and ready to be activated for the teens within your community.

NOTE: Program Implementation

The plan outlined in the design proposal should address the steps the agency will take in implementing the permanent program. You will want broad support from all levels of your community and from all potential participants.;

Phase 4: Program Evaluation

Your task in this phase is to design an evaluation process for measuring the results from your program activities so that you will know whether or not you have achieved your program goals, vision for for year one, and mission.


Initiative evaluations such as this encourage increased efficiency and accountability. These evaluations emphasize the need for reliable accountability beginning at the program level. Program evaluations are conducted to answer fundamental questions about a program's effectiveness ,e.g., does the program provide a necessary or useful function, is the program accomplishing its goals, is the program being administered effectively. A comprehensive evaluation system measures tangible and intangible benefits, including consumer satisfaction, using both quantitative and qualitative date. To be useful, effective management and planning tool, an evaluation system must do more than provide comparison data. It also must provide a flexible process for reevaluating the goals of the program, modifying the evaluation methodology, and implementing necessary changes.

Phase 5: Project Submission

The final report must be presented in BOTH:

1. written format AND

such as a flow chart

See below for other examples

Types of Graphic Organizers:
Graphic organizers come in many different forms, each one best suited to organizing a particular type of information.

  1. Thematic Map
  2. Network Tree
  3. Spider Map
  4. Sequential Episodic Map
  5. Fishbone Map
  6. Compare-Contrast Matrix
  7. Cycle Map

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