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Digital Identity Research Papers

Digital Identity research papers discuss the information that is found in cyberspace or on computers or digital devices that reveal the identity of the user. Paper Masters has technology writers that can custom write a research paper on digital identity.

In the age of the Internet, one’s digital identity is becoming an increasingly important topic. Digital identity is comprised of various bits of data that contain information about a person and their relationships. Because such attributes can be masked, altered, or changed, digital identity can be difficult to determine, and gets into issues of privacy. Digital IdentityPeople can have more than one digital identity, depending on which online community with which they are involved.

Definition of Digital Identity

By definition, digital identity is the set of claims made by individuals about themselves, or another person, group, or even concept. Various digital identifiers go into comprising one’s digital identity. Each digital identity can have from zero to countless attributes. These identifiers include:

  • Email addresses
  • URLs
  • Domain names

These attributes contain information, everything from medical records to purchasing history, preferences and physical traits. Additional information, such as social security numbers, and date of birth can also be linked to digital identity.

Because of the open and anonymous nature of the Internet, it is impossible to accurately identify another entity. Most digital transactions therefore must carry additional information, such as through authentication services, which leave open the possibility of identity theft. Additionally, identities change over time. Each time a person makes an online purchase, for example, their digital identity grows and changes.

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