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Differential Socialization Research Papers

Differential socialization research paper focus on the sociological topic of socialization for boys versus girls or any other dychotomy of sociological theory needed. Sociology research can be written by our writers on any aspect of differential socialization you need.

A research paper on differential socialization demonstrates the effect of differential socialization by describing an experimental science class in a California middle school that allows only girls into the course.  Differential socialization occurs when different members of the same society or family are raised differently because of varying expectations concerning the roles that they will assume in adulthood.  The class described in the article is intended to remedy the impact of prior differential socialization on girls, which functionally excluded them from science classes due to the societal expectation that women would not engage in science related occupations as adults.

Differential Socialization

Differential Socialization and Society

A research paper on differential socialization examines many aspects of society. For example,  one differential socialization term paper's focus was to understand how different facets of socialization might impact success in mathematics studies across a wide range of socio psychological factors, using Campbell’s differential socialization paradigm.  Results showed significant differences across nine variables.  

  1. Boys received less help at home
  2. Boys were expected to excel in technical subjects
  3. Boys spent more time with their families
  4. Religious values were found to be more important to boys
  5. Girls were found to be less persistent
  6. Girls were less likely to self-impose pressure, however, they completed more homework.  
  7. Girls confidence in their mathematical ability was low compared to the boy’s self-expressed self-confidence, but more realistic.  
  8. Girls were more likely to communicate with their parents, and were positively influenced by academic peers.  
  9. Researchers found an 11% gender gap in favor of the male students between these groups

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