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Dewey Response/Reflection

This is a topic suggestion on Dewey Response/Reflection from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Think of this assignment not as an essay, but as a conversation with ideas from Education and Experience.

Before writing your paper, do the following while reading the book.

  1. Before reading Education and Experience record your thoughts on formal education (school).
  2. After reading each chapter, write down a quote that, for you, captures the most important point of that chapter? Then record your reflection on the importance of the quote.
  3. After reading all of the required chapters, reflect on your own education in light of what you’ve read. First, reflect on your past education. Next reflect on your current education.
  4. Compose a list of at least three specific questions that you have about the text. These questions should indicate you’ve made a full attempt to understand Dewey's ideas.(this pre-reading exercise is not required.)

Dewey Response Assignment

The assignment:Dewey Response/Reflection

In no less than 1200 words write a formal paper that demonstrates your understanding of some of the ideas presented in John Dewey's visionary series of essays in Education and Experience. Then describe some aspect of your education relating it back to ideas from the text. Develop clear links between the quotes you select and your reflections on your education. The paper should be about you and reflect on your education in light of your newfound consideration of ideas presented by Dewey. Start your paper with an interesting and compelling title that would encourage the reader to want to read your work. Proofread carefully. Mechanical errors indicate a lack of interest in the subject. As you write and revise your ideas, consider how what you reflect on or explain might help some – or all – of us better understand the connections between Dewey’s ideas and the ways we think about education and its ramifications to our lives.

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