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Developmental Stages

Part A gives you a brief outline of the paper, Part B are issues to target while writing the paper. The writer can choose any developmental stage.

Part A of Developmental Stages Research Paper:
Research paper (40%) is required and should be approximately 11 pages (double-spaced) in length and APA style. Students should pick a specific life stage issue (or crisis) that is of special interest. You should then apply this issue (or crisis) to a developmental stage (childhood, adolescent, young adulthood, middle or later adulthood). Each student should discuss this life-stage and describe how experiencing the specific issue would influence the life stage ‘work’– keeping in mind the bio-psycho-social aspects. This Developmental Stages Research Paper should include the following:

  1. Summarize the characteristics of the chosen developmental stage
  2. Discuss the life stage issue and its impact on the bio-psycho-social development
  3. Discuss relevant theories related to the particular developmental life stage issue or task chosen
  4. Identify potential ethical issues and the dilemmas related to this issue or task during the particular developmental life stage chosen
  5. Discuss the relevance of cultural factors related to the developmental life stage issue or task chosen
Developmental Stages

Part B of Developmental Stages Research Paper:
Characteristics of the chosen developmental stage

  1. How would one characterize this developmental stage?
  2. How does one distinguish this stage from, say another stage?
  3. What happens, for example, during adolescence or what makes this stage unique?
  4. What is the developmental crisis at this stage?

Life Stage Issue and Impact on Bio-Psycho-Social Development (choose one from the list or on your own) -Elder Abuse -Domestic Violence -Marriage /Divorce /Cohabitation -Identity Development (Racial, sexual, Gender etc.) -Immigration /Migration -Alcoholism /drug use /abuse -Mid-life (mid-life crisis) Body Image /Self-esteem

Relevant Theories of Developmental Stages

  1. Theories that have been used or can be used to explain the issue -Theories explaining gender, development for example.
  2. Theories explaining sexual orientation, racial identity, mid-life crisis, anorexia, etc.

Ethical Issues and Dilemmas:

  1. Ethical Issues or dilemmas pertaining to policy, practice, education, research, community involvement, etc.
  2. Example: Some policies targeting one problem may end up causing another problem.
  3. Research efforts may not involve the community -Practice implications if model is applied with particular group or ethical issues on the part of the social worker

Cultural Relevance:

  1. What does culture have to do with it?
  2. How does it relate to the issue or task?
    Example: Menopause

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