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Development of Adolescence

This assignment is for a research paper on the instructions given below. I would like the paper to be written on Development of the Adolescence i.e. physical, cognitive, social, and personality.

Development of Adolescence Research Paper Instructions:

  1. This assignment is to be completed adhering strictly to APA format. Development of Adolescence
  2. This research paper of this class, descriptive style may be preferable, which is “To describe systematically a situation or area of interest factually and accurately”.
  3. This assignment will enable students to explore an area of interest in the study of human development in an in-depth manner and provide students with practice expressing their content knowledge in writing. You must include at least 10 relevant sources (Among them at least 8 articles must be empirical*.) in your paper that were written no earlier than 2002, unless that citation is linked to an author who’s work is seminal to your topic.
  4. Reports of empirical studies summarize original research. Many journal articles are reports of empirical studies. In order to learn how to review the literature, it is important to be able to read and understand reports of empirical studies. Empirical articles have the following sections: abstract, introduction, method, results, discussion, and references.

Journals that can be used for Development of Adolescence Research Paper:

Some examples of relevant journals in Human Development:

  1. Developmental psychology
  2. Human Development
  3. Social Development
  4. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly
  5. Child Development
  6. Adolescence
  7. Journal of Youth and Adolescence
  8. Aging and Cognition
  9. Psychology and Aging
  10. Research on Aging
  11. Journal of Back Psychology
  12. Developmental Review
  13. Journal of Personality
  14. Social Psychology Journal of Marriage
  15. Family Family Relations Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences
  16. Death Studies

This is an outline of what is needed for the Development of Adolescence Research Paper. The paper needs to be written according to these guideline listed below.

I. Abstract:

  1. The abstract is of proper word length (120 word max), and of relevant content
    Proper APA (not indented, no references, double spaced, correct heading, etc.)

    II. Assignment Content:
  2. The assignment is grammatically correct (including sentence structure)
  3. The assignment is typographically correct Proper use of quotations, commas, italics, and other punctuation.
  4. Degree to which text is written in a coherent, succinct manner
  5. Points are presented with exceptional logic and insight
  6. Degree to which introduction defines and discusses the importance of the topic.
  7. Degree to which the body of the paper organize the topic and review the current empirical knowledge base relevant to the topic
  8. Degree to which the conclusion includes a discussion of practice/policy implications/recommendations and future research directions
  9. Assignment is of proper length (15 to 20 pages)

Development of Adolescence References

III. References

  1. Citations on the reference page match citations in text
  2. The assignment contains a reference page free of errors (know APA well)
  3. References are from professional—primary—sources (using original sources)
  4. References are current (within 5 years, when applicable)
  5. Assignment boasts at least required minimum number of professional references
  6. Quotations are introduced (don’t start sentences), long quotes proper (& not excessive)
  7. Proper in text citations (present where necessary)
  8. Proper in text citations (presentation)

IV. General APA

  1. One inch margins (on L and R sides; don’t even/fix R margin)
  2. Headings are correct
  3. There is not additional space between paragraphs
  4. Proper indenting and paragraph length
  5. Font size and style are correct (12 point font)
  6. Proper presentation of numerals (usually written up to nine)
  7. Other Miscellaneous APA

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