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Developing Countries

When classifying various nations around the world, some of the lesser-developed nations are categorized as developing nations. While there is no definitive framework for this classification, the general practice is that a developing nation is one in which industrial development is lacking and the human development index – a statistic taking into account education, income, and life expectancy – is low when compared to other nations. Countries that are considered to be developing nations also tend to have a lower gross domestic product than other nations of their same size. Other factors can include diversity in the products that are exported or the amount of time the country has spent as an integrated part of the global financial system.

Developing Countries

Developing nations tend to have a few characteristics in common. Most have limited access to safe drinking water, thereby reducing standards of hygiene and sanitation; this also contributes to the faster-than-average rates at which diseases spread among the population. Most also have high levels of the various types of pollution, including light, air, water, and noise pollution. Poverty is quite common, stemming often from lower levels of educational completion, as well as an inability to control the size of one’s family due to a lack of effective contraceptive resources. Though aid is provided for developing nations through international agencies, it takes a great deal of internal work to accomplish some of the most pressing issues facing developing nations.

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