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Design an Exercise Program

For this project, you are to design a 12 week exercise program for the client below. This client has one risk factor in that he does not get 30 minutes of physical activity each day. He has physician clearance for a moderately vigorous exercise program.

• Please include specific week days (not Day 1, etc), exercises, major muscles targeted with each exercise, sets, and reps and % weight amounts (since you do not know his actual 1 RM). Include warm-ups, cool downs, and stretches.

• show a variety of exercises and changes in sets/reps/% weight amts. We require you to use a %wt amt in order for us to grade your understanding of plateau prevention and progress.

• Do NOT include any circuit training and no partial reps.Design an Exercise Program

• SPECIAL NOTE: This is a FULL 12 week program. You may combine 3 - 4 weeks at a time, but do not try to shortcut this program.

• This program should be written so that any trainer will know exactly what the client is doing for each day's session. Do not present the program with notes or with words such as "Weeks 4 - 6: repeat Weeks 1 - 3". Do not list all Mondays, then all Tuesdays, etc. Show the days of the week in THAT week.

Do NOT use a cell format. Type a well organized presentation unless you are using Excel or a Spreadsheet for this program.

• DO NOT include exercise pictures.

Also design a meal plan for ONE day that the client should go by during his training. (Assuming you are working with his dietitian/physician.)

• Show your calculations and any adjustments when determining his DER.

• Break each meal into the foods to be consumed and include each meal's calories.

• Then give the total caloric intake for the day.

• Do not state the fats, carbs, etc.

• Daily meal plan should meet required nutrition requirements. Don't forget green and yellow vegetables.

For the workout programs, we look for progression, correct % wt amts from week 1 - 12, choice of exercises, number of exercises, sets, reps, if program will meet client's goals, safety guidelines in program development, undertraining or overtraining, and more.

Be sure you are not having the client use the same muscles on consecutive days. Refer to the course section "What Muscles Are Used with Exercises" and "How Do Muscles Grow".

CLIENT INFORMATION for the above project:

Joe Smith is a 34 year old who wants to increase his endurance and strength, to lose three inches in his waist, and to tighten his abs. He actually has a roll of fat that sticks out above the top of his pants. His desire is to achieve this by only gaining 3 - 5 lbs. of lean muscle tissue. His height is 6' 1" and he weighs 215 lbs. He has only strength trained 2 times a week for 45 minutes each session (Mondays and Fridays) for the past four weeks when he began as a beginner. He has only used 60-65% of his 1 RM. He has been doing 30 minutes of cardio every Wednesday. On Saturdays he plays 18 holes of golf. His meals consist of a balanced diet.

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