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Research Papers on Desert Ecosystems

Paper Masters suggests you write a research paper on a desert ecosystem as we have outlined below. There are many tips for writing on ecosystems on this webpage, as Paper Masters' goal is to teach you how to write an excellent research paper on any topic you need.

The literature that has been examined in previous research has summarized much of what is known about the working of desert or arid-land ecosystems, highlighting the extreme variability if such habitats and the many factors that influence patterns of resource productivity over time and space. Some of these processes have strong obvious and direct consequences for human groups occupying desert environments, while others probably have little relevance for how people exploit such habitats. Desert EcosystemsIn your research paper, you may want to deconstruct a typical desert ecosystem from the vantage point of a typical hunter-gather or forager population and identify those elements characteristic of arid environments that would /should have the greatest influences on how such groups exploit them. Desert ecosystems research papers have been written by science experts. We can produce a custom written project following your guidelines.

Desert Ecosystems and the Natural Process

In preparing your research paper on a desert ecosystem, be sure to consider the following:

  • The manner in which hunter-gathers could measure or monitor the factors important in a desert ecosystem;
  • The means that subtle differences in the nutrient content of different habitats or niches would only be relevant to the extent that they may influence the kinds or amounts of resources present in the context of the ecosystem you choose (versus others)
  • The ability of forager populations to track variations in the desert ecosystem as it changed

In short, the goal of your desert ecosytem research paper is to assess process at work within desert ecosystems through the human filter-thinking about the "effective" environment that people actually articulate with rather than the myriad natural processes that may lurk behind the proverbial curtain. It is also important to frame the research paper in terms of cultural process that from the key components of hunter-gather subsistence-settlements system:

  1. Patterns of residential mobility
  2. Patterns of resource variability
  3. Technological limitations
  4. Different aspects of desert ecosystems
  5. Implications for how, when and where foragers would position themselves on the larger landscape.

Mojave, Sonoran, and the Great Basin Deserts

You can structure the research and example in terms of hypothetical, generalized desert environment or select one of the extant arid-land ecosystems like the Mojave, Sonoran, Great Basin or Australian deserts) to the extent that it would help conceptualize the factors most significant to human adaptations in such settings. Finally, be sure to to provide a rational for each factor you identify as being fundamental to forager to use of desert.

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