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Demonstrative Communication Research Papers

Demonstrative communication research papers typically discuss this form of communication for business or MBA classes. Paper Masters can custom write any type of communications research paper when you give us complete instructions on exactly what you need.

Communication involves more than the words spoken by an individual. In fact, some estimate that only seven percent of communication consists of spoken words. The other 93 percent is demonstrative communication, also known as nonverbal communication. There are three categories of demonstrative communication:

  1. The body
  2. A Person's physiology
  3. Nonverbal communication

Demonstrative Communication

Demonstrative Communication and Gestures

People use their bodies to communicate through various gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact. For example, a person’s appearance can send numerous communication messages, through dress, hair, and even make-up (or lack thereof). People wear business suits when they wish to communicate a formal message, while casual wear indicates a more relaxed setting. Another example is when another person invades one’s personal space. If an individual takes an obvious backward step, that person is communicating that the other person is too close.

Physiology, or body language, can also communicate messages. Posture can display demonstrative communication. For example, if a person crosses their arms, it can indicate that they wish to remain aloof. Gestures and facial expressions are other common forms of demonstrative communication. Finally, there are the basic nonverbal forms of demonstrative communication. These include eye contact, the tone of one’s voice, touch, and even the conveyance of emotion through facial expressions.

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