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Dell’s Marketing Strategy Research Paper

Research papers that focus on marketing strategies for corporations are the specialty of our MBA and business writers at Paper Masters. Have our writer write on Dell's marketing strategy and explain the company's current and past successes and mistakes in marketing their products.

Dell's marketing strategy research papers point out that Dell Computer Corporation is defined by its direct model approach to selling, which is in turn dominated by the company's intent to generate as many sales as possible on the Internet.  Dell's marketing strategy focuses on the following:

  • The Internet as the purest and most efficient form of the direct model for sales, service, and support
  • The Internet as the most efficient means of customer communication both presently and in the future.
  • Customer satisfaction is based upon ability to perceive quality in service through real time communication.

Currently the company receives more than 2.6 million visits each week to its more than 80 country-specific sites.  This resulted in more than $40 million in revenue per week being generated by the online marketing of Dell.  The company touts its site as allowing existing and potential customers to access information regarding its products, configure computers to the customers liking, and then make the purchase.  Dell sees this process as the most efficient method of selling because it allows the consumer to guide the process.

Dell's Internet Site and Customers

Dell’s Marketing Strategy

While the consumer is choosing and configuring their Dell computer, as well as after the purchase at the Internet site, the customer has access to volumes of support and technical information.  Instead of sales people answering questions, the customer is left to find their own answer.  This presupposes a base line of technical knowledge in the customer, which guides the information-gathering process.  Without this base line of knowledge, the customer will have difficulty making sense of computer hardware jargon that defines the capabilities of PC units.  In addition, such a technically unsophisticated customer may have difficulty in even formulating the questions that should be asked in order to evaluate if a particular Dell computer will meet their needs.  Individuals who are making their first computer purchase are unlikely to have access to the Internet or the navigational expertise to find Dell's site.  The marketing model of Dell Computers, however, does not differentiate between types of customers, and instead treats each potential customer as if they have equal technical knowledge.

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